Online Facilitated Game-Based Learning (OFGBL)

OFGBL is an interactive, fun, and engaging learning program that is designed to kickstart your playful learning journey.


Why OFGBL can level up
your organization learning capability:


The session will bring group learning process to new level. Whether it cross departments, different roles, or generation – the session will ignite everyone’s learning spirit.


The session is beyond learning, it’s an innovation lab for everyone in which they can see how every actions matters and how to improve along the way.


The session can be implemented in flexible duration to fit in with your current learning plan and support your organization learning objectives.

Level up your learning experience

with the world’s best
online facilitated game-based learning program.

Treasures of Punakawan

Online Facilitated Game-Based Learning “Treasure of Punakawan” is designed to enhance your leadership training program. The session can be implemented from the earliest stage (on-boarding) up to the C-level workshop. During the session, participants will have an opportunity to explore different perspectives on:
1. Leadership.
2. Collaboration.
3. Optimal decision-making process.
4. Strategic planning.
5. Effective communications.


Online Facilitated Game-Based Learning “Laksamana” is designed to bring a fresh point of view on business processes and management. During the session, participants will have an opportunity to enhance their understanding of:

1. Conflict resolution.
2. Strategic management.
3. Leadership style.
4. Multi-layers decision making.
5. The importance of values and purposes.


Online Facilitated Game-Based Learning “LDRS.XYZ” is designed as an interactive learning lab in which all participants will have the opportunity to experiments and improve their understanding of the following topics:

1. Business acumen.
2. Collective decision-making process.
3. Strategic planning.
4. Proactive leadership.
5. Resource optimization.