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Board Game is always interesting, at least for me. This time I would ask you a question, “Who are you when you play games?”.

Many Games has its story developed by its theme or mechanics. Some don’t have a story because it is an abstract strategy game like Chess, and Othello. You can create your own story while playing games. If you ask how? Then the answer is like become a commentator of a football match. They tell you what happen on the field, who has the ball right now, or who tackled who. You can create the story by game piece and its game board.

I’ll give you a brief example, put a custom theme and story before play chess. I like fantasy so the story is about me, controlling Humans (white) versus my friend with his Orcs (black).

“Once upon a time there was a King Orcs who wants to conquer the human lands. King Orc begins his plan, he send the a goblin (Black Pawn) to attack. The Knight moved into a trap, so he got slayed by the Berseker Orc(Black Rook). Humans are in pinch after the Queen is taken by the Orc Archer (Black Bishop). Humans are then fallen to the Orc because the kingdom is surrounded by Orc Warrior (Black Knight), Orc Archer and the King Orc itself.”

Yes, I lose and I don’t really clever playing chess, but it was fun. It is like I just made my own Lord of the Ring story.

So, back again to my question earlier “Who are you when you play a game?”. I would answer I am the game itself. Create story while playing may also enhance your play. When teaching a game to your friend don’t forget to mention them to be character on game. Tell them that they are the one of the lords of the waterdeep, city of splendor if you’re gonna teach and play Lords of Waterdeep board game.

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  1. Hi, I was in Boardgame Convention today in Essen, and I read in catalog that you open a stand there.

    I love to play board game (normally strategic ones, e.g: Carcassonne, Age of Empires, Civilizations, Kingdom Builder, etc), but I haven’t seen a lot of Indonesian players here in Germany.

    Is there a lot of board game fans in Indonesia?
    And what did you promote in Essen today? Sorry I just read the catalog after the event.

    Best regards, Raymond

    1. Hi Raymond.

      Sorry for late reply.
      Nowadays, more and more people play board game. One of the biggest board game community in Indonesia is IndoBoardGame. In Bandung, we build board game community through some event that held by our unit (ManikmayaGames).

      In Essen, we are promoting Indonesia through our board game: The Festivals of Indonesia, Mat Goceng & Mahardika.
      Maybe next time you should try it 🙂

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