A Great Job as A Game Designer

I didn’t know about modern board game until one day at 2009 I went to café which provide board game on it. First ever board game that I played at that café is “Geister Treppe”. It’s interesting, but I thought it’s just for kids not for gamers like me. I need more challenging game here. Then I seek another board game at café’s display and I found a board game that change my view about conventional game, the “monopoly killer” Settlers of Catan. Wired magazine has called it the “Monopoly Killer” because it has almost single-handedly revolutionized how Americans view board gaming since it was released in 1995.

Now, almost seventeen years later, many modern board gamers have sort of taken it for granted, but it deserves to be a staple in every gamer’s collection. It was amazing what a strategically board game it is, Catan is wrapped with simple nice August 3: [More] where is justin bieber right now out in Ibiza, Spain. design and high interactivity with other players. After that day, I am dreaming that someday I will make masterpiece board game like that.

Great mechanic, great concept, and well design are recipe to make a great board game. It’s not easy as it says. Klaus Teuber who designing The Settlers of Catan needs 4 years to make it. But with passion, hard work, and more patiently can help it come true. Do you realize, how amazing Klaus Teuber life is? His games sold more than 1 billion units, he draws more than 150,000 fans from all his work, and how many families that keep warm and happy by playing his board game?? What a great job as a game designer!

 Brendan Satria Atmawidjaya


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