Understanding Basic Logistic with THINKLog

On November 22nd, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs held a THINKLog Play Workshop, inviting several institutions in Indonesia. Kummara had the opportunity to present THINKLog, a special board game designed specifically to help players learn about Supply Chain Management (SCM) concepts, and lead the play session.

THINKLog learning program is an integrated and interactive learning program to promote optimal and effective implementation of logistics and supply chain management. The aims are enhancing public awareness and understanding about the important role of logistics and supply chain management, enhancing logistics and supply chain management program (at universities and corporate learning) and implementing THINKLog game as new standard tools for logistics and supply chain learning and research program.

The basic version of THINKLog was played where a team of 4 players with a different role (retailer, distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer) will compete with other team in the same table and prove that their team has the best supply chain management by having the least backlog. After the play session, each team explained their insights from the game and ideas on how to use the game to optimized logistic learning in their institution.

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