The Role of Music in Game

Today, music has become primary requirement for some people because music can give color to our lives, music can describe someone’s feeling, music can bring us flew into the past, even music can gives us spirit when we listen it. So, how about the role of music in game?

Supporting Gameplay

Game without music is good but game with music is great, music can bring emotion to the gameplay and music also can be trigger for the player to entire the game. For the example music can change the ambiance even when the visual doesn’t change.

 Icon of the game

Some composer successes make the music become an icon of the game. The music usually engage with the game even when the game is not played player can recognize the game.

Nostalgic player with the game

When the player isn’t playing the game, player can remember entire game only by listening the soundtrack of the game, so gamers can nostalgic easily with the game.

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