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How To Make an Impactful Music For Game, Part 1

Last week I got an opportunity to share the whole process of making music for game in one event called Game Music talk #1. In this article I’ll talk the first process of making music for game that’s Process 1 : Preparation. Before you compose the music, you must to make
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3 Things Before You Compose Game Music

There are 3 things that you can do before composing game music: Gather Some Data of The Game Gather some data of the game, such as story of the game, concept art, gameplay, and etc. These things help you to compose the music easily, and also to guide you to get into the
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Sound Design Technique

Generally sound design for sound techniques divided by 2 technics, there are foley and synthesizing technique. I will share to you my experience of making the sound with sophisticated tools. Foley If you wanna make a real sound such as a footstep, sound of wind even the building collapse, this technique can make it
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Syllabus Project Part I: Concepting (Music)

In developing Music particularly game music has a different approach, we must pay attention to several aspect for developing the music. Usually after read the game design document we as a composer faced the challenge like “how the music can deliver the message into the game?”. So, there are 3
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