Sharing Session with Gameloft Indonesia

While spending his Winter Time in Yogyakarta, Eko had a chance to meet Gameloft Indonesia team. In front of Gameloft team, Eko shared about Kummara and the concept behind board games.

Eko started his sharing session by sharing what he and Kummara team believe, that game can make a change and bring positive impacts. He talked about how Kummara started and when people still relate game with addiction and violence. As Kummara grows and creates more products, more people start to believe in the potential of game. Not only board game, but also for serious games and gamification. After the sharing session, the QnA session was packed with questions about game design process and ideas in developing game.

Up until this year, board game industry keeps on growing. Currently, there are 16 local publishers and 12 board game cafe and libraries in Indonesia with more than 20 titles of local board games. This growth hopefully can bring a change in creative industry in Indonesia and also bring more positive impact and message.

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