Achieving Success with Business Innovation at PlayDay Business Craft

On May 24, Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS) with Kummara and Klub Inovator Bisnis held Business Craft Play-Day at fX Sudirman. Attended by 150 participants from various multinational company, small/medium enterprise and business community, all participants were excited to try Business Craft board game.

Business Craft is an innovative business simulation board game with learning materials from “Rise Above the Crowd” book by Indrawan Nugroho. This game can be played with 3-15 players and was designed by Indrawan Nugroho, Eko Nugroho and Isa Akbar. In the game, players own a business and will compete with other players to gain the most profit by the end of the game by planning the strategy and innovation card that can be used to amplify the business.

Before playing the game, Eko briefly explained the game concept to the board game. Then, Eko led the tutorial round for all participants. After the tutorial round, participants played Business Craft board game for total 5 rounds with the help from facilitators. After the play session, the winner from each table then gave their insights about the game and their strategies on how to win the game.

If you are interested in Business Craft, you can buy the game at CIAS Innovation Camp di Jalan Sepat 37A, Kebagusan, Jakarta Selatan or contact Novi at 0857 1808 4475.

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