Play and Learn Using Boardgame With Family in Bandung

After Jakarta, Bandung became the host city for “Optimizing Game Potential as Learning Tool for Family” (Mengoptimalkan Potensi Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga) seminar. Hold by Kummara and Rumah Inspirasi, the event took place at House of Shafira, Sulanjana. Eko together with Aar Sumardiono, home-schooling practician and founder of Rumah Inspirasi, became the speakers.

The first speaker, Aar Sumardiono, shared his experiences on how his family use game as a learning media. Kids need to be motivated to turn their consumptive behavior into productive behavior. Few rules can be set by parents before playing, such as the type of game, duration and also review the game after finish playing. After reviewing, parents can explain about the game to motivate the kids to learn more.

As the second speaker, Eko shared the benefits of using games as a learning tool. As an example, he went back to 1903 when Elizabeth Magie created The Landlord’s Game to teach Georgism to her students, which then inspired the famous Monopoly board game. Then Eko emphasized on 4 freedom of play and how it can be implemented during learning session using games which not only help kids to learn better but also help to tighten parent and kids bond.

After lunch break, participants were given a chance to tried various board games from Manikmaya Games such as The Festivals, Aquatico, Get Egg, Bhinneka and the unpublished Buto Ijo & Timun Mas. After the play session, parents were introduced to Game-Based Learning Canvas as a tool to help parent choose the right game and discover the learning points inside the game. They identified learning points from the game and parent can choose which learning points they want to focus during a play session with their kids.

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