About Kummara

Kummara is a game studio focusing on serious game, gamification, and interactive system design. Supported by passionate team we also known as a pioneer in the serious game industry and gamification implementation in Indonesia. Our concepts, games, and our game design approach have been implemented in many fields: education, research, business, social campaign, marketing, and many more.

Our Service and Expertise

We believe game is powerful media and with the right design and development process it can be use effectively to deliver message, collecting data, early mapping, motivating behavior change, and create a positive impact in many fields. Our approach and passionate team can help you to design and implement the best game in your field of work.

Interactivity and engagement are keys in learning environment. One of our passion is to implement our approach to enhance learning experience. We have the capability to design a special game and interactive concept to help you deliver any learning objectives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Game design approach can be implemented beyond the game it self. Designed it wright and we will have higher engagement level that will motivate better result in any fields. Gamification and interactive system design are part of our passion and our way to show that we can truly make impact trough game.

News and Updates

A Cup of Tea and A Game

Game can be like a cup of tea, green bean juice, or any other drink. It can satisfy our need, and at the right time, for the right person it can be so special. We don’t need to argue which one is the best, what we need to do is just to enjoy it and bring quality time to our life.

Positive, Negative and Objective

One of the most common and mainstream opinion about game is that it’s resulting in some negative effects for children. Now, I understand that a lot of discussion have been done based on this premise, but sometimes we basically making it sounds too easy and shallow by saying that it’s true, some games do have negative effects on children, while that is simply not the case.

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