About Kummara

Kummara is a game studio focusing on serious game, gamification, and interactive system design. Supported by passionate team we also known as a pioneer in the serious game industry and gamification implementation in Indonesia. Our concepts, games, and our game design approach have been implemented in many fields: education, research, business, social campaign, marketing, and many more.

Our Service and Expertise

We believe game is powerful media and with the right design and development process it can be use effectively to deliver message, collecting data, early mapping, motivating behavior change, and create a positive impact in many fields. Our approach and passionate team can help you to design and implement the best game in your field of work.

Interactivity and engagement are keys in learning environment. One of our passion is to implement our approach to enhance learning experience. We have the capability to design a special game and interactive concept to help you deliver any learning objectives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Game design approach can be implemented beyond the game it self. Designed it wright and we will have higher engagement level that will motivate better result in any fields. Gamification and interactive system design are part of our passion and our way to show that we can truly make impact trough game.

News and Updates

Playful Standing Frame

Static standing frame is device for passive rehabilitation in the upright standing position of adults and children. Standing frame, also known as standers, are used by people with mild to severe disabilities such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Rett syndrome, and post-polio syndrome. The advantage of the standing frame is stimulation of psycho motor development

Characteristics of Good Gameplay

My first encounter with video game is pacman. One of my lucky friends has a pacman machine as a birthday gift. I was so fascinated by that big arcade machine. It shows a silly pixelate character that eat points, hunted by some other silly character and we have total control

(Board) Games Bring Kids Together

It was school holiday, my sister held a family gathering in our mother house. All of my nephews came, and like usual, they asked me, if I bring some board game. They were so happy, because at that day, I did bring one board game (sometimes I forget to bring

The Mini Legend

Are you one of the 80-90’s children, those who experienced various number of toys and games? If so, then you would surely remember Mini 4WD racing car, or generally known as Tamiya (one of the most succesful brand of resin/plastic modelling kit who released the first Mini 4WD in 1982).

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