About Kummara

Kummara is a game studio focusing on serious game, gamification, and interactive system design. Supported by passionate team we also known as a pioneer in the serious game industry and gamification implementation in Indonesia. Our concepts, games, and our game design approach have been implemented in many fields: education, research, business, social campaign, marketing, and many more.

Our Service and Expertise

We believe game is powerful media and with the right design and development process it can be use effectively to deliver message, collecting data, early mapping, motivating behavior change, and create a positive impact in many fields. Our approach and passionate team can help you to design and implement the best game in your field of work.

Interactivity and engagement are keys in learning environment. One of our passion is to implement our approach to enhance learning experience. We have the capability to design a special game and interactive concept to help you deliver any learning objectives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Game design approach can be implemented beyond the game it self. Designed it wright and we will have higher engagement level that will motivate better result in any fields. Gamification and interactive system design are part of our passion and our way to show that we can truly make impact trough game.

News and Updates

Role of Game Theme

How important is it for a game to be built around a certain theme? Is it mandatory for game designers to assign some world/theme setting for a game they are creating? Taking the game development process overview, there are two starting options in creating a game, based on mechanics or based

Jump in the Game Industry through Media & Journalism

Looking back to Kummara’s history, which is not that old actually, we started it all in 2011 from initiating one big spectacular gaming event in Indonesia. It is called Indonesia Bermain. We were having fun. It was amusing to spread the positive values of playing and games. Endless joy. But after

Game Mechanic

There’s element of the game which constructing rules to produce the gameplay, it’s called game mechanic. Game mechanic was build from some element of mechanic: space, object, action, rule, skill, & chance (http://kummara.com/article/the-element-of-game-mechanic). As example, point to point mechanic is build from element: space, object and action. In Board Game there’s

Learning and Playing with Cancer Patients

What can we do to cheer kids with cancer? There are many ways, but maybe we can learn something from Mrs. Dina, one of the volunteer teachers in the children’s cancer center in Bandung (YKAKB -Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Bandung). She has been volunteering for about six months in YKAKB.  And

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