About Kummara

Kummara is a game studio focusing on serious game, gamification, and interactive system design. Supported by passionate team we also known as a pioneer in the serious game industry and gamification implementation in Indonesia. Our concepts, games, and our game design approach have been implemented in many fields: education, research, business, social campaign, marketing, and many more.

Our Service and Expertise

We believe game is powerful media and with the right design and development process it can be use effectively to deliver message, collecting data, early mapping, motivating behavior change, and create a positive impact in many fields. Our approach and passionate team can help you to design and implement the best game in your field of work.

Interactivity and engagement are keys in learning environment. One of our passion is to implement our approach to enhance learning experience. We have the capability to design a special game and interactive concept to help you deliver any learning objectives in the most effective and enjoyable way.

Game design approach can be implemented beyond the game it self. Designed it wright and we will have higher engagement level that will motivate better result in any fields. Gamification and interactive system design are part of our passion and our way to show that we can truly make impact trough game.

News and Updates

Games for Kids Patient

Playing as children means, "Playing is the most serious thing in the world." ~G. K. Chesterton   Kids don’t stop being kids just because they are sick and have to stay in hospital. Like other kids, kids patient also need to play. Play is the main business of kids lives. It’s not

The Importance of Game Publisher

Some people may not really know what Game Publisher do when the Game Developer makes a game. Game Publisher is the one who will bring the game to the market. Game Publisher is the one who will introduce your game into public. Let’s say a big company like Square Enix (called

The Role of Music in Game

Today, music has become primary requirement for some people because music can give color to our lives, music can describe someone’s feeling, music can bring us flew into the past, even music can gives us spirit when we listen it. So, how about the role of music in game? Supporting Gameplay Game

Role of Visual Asset in Game

Visual is the most important element in a game. It is because they are the outermost shell that the player will see at first. According to Alan Shiu Ho Kwan (2000), there are six factor at least that make people want to play a game: the offer of freedom diversity of choices interface challenges accessibility and

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