NgummaraWithExpert, Ardanti Andiarti

nwe ardanti

This month, we invited Ardanti Andiarti for our #NgummaraWithExpert. We began the sharing session at 16.30 and had fasting break together. It was really interesting sharing with interesting object to talk about.

Ardanti Andiarti is one of curator of Bincang Edukasi Bandung. As she was kids, her dreams was to be a teacher. She always played Role Playing as a teacher, when she was in Kindergarden. Her dreams became true, when she became a teacher at Rumah Belajar Semi Palar for 2 years (2010-2012).

Not only loves to teach, she also concerns about education in Indonesia. Through Bincang Edukasi events, she gather teachers and communities to discuss about education in Indonesia. She met many people from different communities and learned a lot from them. Many communities around us actually has contributed on education (specially for children education), some of them just do not realize that they had given the contribution through their activities with children.

If we want to be a part of education, just share. Everyone can give contribution in education by sharing its passion. “Everyone can teach and become part of education. Whatever that we share, it will open their mind and it will give some effects to education,” Ardanti said.

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