Music in The Game

When I was young I like to play my video game, I played Playstation. At that time, I didn’t really enjoy the music from the game, sometimes I heard it but sometimes not. I’d rather hear music from my cassettes collection, music from the bands I like. So, when I played Digimon 3, I always listened to one of my favorite band, System of A Down’s album “Toxicity”. Nowadays, I never played Digimon 3 anymore, but when I listen to System of A down I always remember the feeling, the excitement, the moment when I played Digimon3. I can remember my room, the wall, my desk, my action figures, my posters and everything else that placed surround me when I was playing the game.

Music can bring the ambience in the game. Music can make us visualize the game even by listen to something related to it. Even if I didn’t listen to my audio player I will feel everything about the game if I hear the back sound of the game. I still remember the song of “Mappy” game ( a nintendo game about a mice collecting stuff chased by cats ). When I hear the song I remember my childhood at least the moments when I play Nintendo.

So my point is, a good video game should has a good music within it so we can always remember the game just by hearing the music.

Windy Anandiha @winsoy

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