Let’s Create (Good) Game!

Every good game embeds of the following level of fundamentals:

  1. High replayability, means that the game always provides something different each time they played.
  2. Great game balance, means that each player will have equal opportunity to overcome each challenge in the game.
  3. Simple (but impactful) decision making process, means that the process of the decision making does not have to be complex, what is important the impact of that decision.

The problem is that for each people, those levels are different. For me The Game of Thrones board game has simple decision process, but some people think those are too complex. We just need to accept the fact that each person has their own point of view.

A game designer should not try to create only one kind of game and hope everyone will like it – because that will be really difficult. What we need to do is designing as many as possible games – with different style; different combination of mechanics;  different contents/purposes and bring those to the world.

I believe “behind every good game there is a good game designer, and behind every other games there is a brave publisher”. So, let’s create game, either we become a good designer or we provide some materials for those brave publishers – those options seem good enough for me.

Eko Nugroho | @eNugroho



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