Creating Board Game to Raise Awareness on Environmental Issue

Environment crisis in Indonesia has become a worldwide news. 17% of the total waste in Indonesia is plastic wastes. To raise the awareness and involvement of the public in environment issue, Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and Ludenara held a game design class called “Kelas Game Design: Hadirkan Peduli Lingkungan dengan Gembira”. This event was held on August 11-12 2018 at Center for Marne Conservation. The participants are not only from environmental observers but also from education practitioner and Non-Government Organization (NGO).

For 2 days, participants were challenged to create a board game that can be used to identify the environmental problem in Indonesia and become learning media on how to solve the problems. On the first day, Rili Djohani from CTC explained about environmental problems in Indonesia and Eko Nugroho from Kummara shared about basic knowledge of game design. After that, participants started to build the concept and idea of their game, from choosing an environmental problem as their main theme to rapid prototyping. At the end of the second day, participants successfully created prototypes of several board games.

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