Game-Based Learning Workshop in IP Business Strategy

“Game-Based Learning Workshop in IP Business Strategy” was held on the first day of World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE), November 6th in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. This workshop is a part of WCCE’s creative session and a collaboration work between Indonesia Creative Economy Agency (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia/BEKRAF), Kummara and Danumaya Dipa.

In his opening speech, Joshua Simandjuntak, Deputy for Marketing of BEKRAF, pointed out the importance of understanding the concept of IP and its strategy to build and commercialized IP. The session was held to give a basic understanding of how IP can be developed into different media as a part of commercialization strategy. After that Eko introduces IdeaPolis, a board game that specially designed to learn about the concept and strategy of Intellectual Property (IP).

More than 60 participants from various background attended the session and splitted into groups with facilitators. Eko lead the few first rounds to give explanation about the gameplay and the goal of the game. For about 1 hours, participants played the game and competing to make the best strategy to gain more fans.

In the de-briefing session led by Robby Wahyudi from Danumaya Dipa, participants got to shared their insights after playing the game. Robby also gave some tips to the participants on how to make a better strategy for the IP to grow and success.

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