Enchanced Learning of Supply Chain Management with THINKLog

Eko joined as a speaker at “Review and Cascading Workshop: Global View of Urban Transport Management for Education” in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. This event was held by Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Temasek Foundation International, and National University of Singapore. In his session, Eko talked about serious gaming and its potential for enhanced learning of supply chain management.

As a part of “Temasek Foundation International and National University of Singapore Urban Transportation Management Programme in Indonesia”, Kummara and National University of Singapore Urban Transportation Management Programme collaborated and created THINKLog, a special board game designed specifically to help players learn about Supply Chain Management (SCM) concepts. This game is designed as such that it can be expanded by including more SCM scenarios to learn other specific topics in SCM without changing the basic game structure.

THINKLog has been evaluated through two interactive sessions with senior government officials and supply chain specialists as a part of a three-day workshop focusing on SCM in August 2016 and May 2017. To evaluate the absorption of the learning objectives, players were asked to list down learning points from the game after the play session and then match it with the intended learning objectives of the game. From the players’ feedback, it was confirmed that their learning points are aligned with the intended learning objectives regardless of the scenario used.

In the event, THINKLog was presented by Dr. Robert de Souza, Executive Director of The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific to Dr. Ir. Bambang Adi Winarso, Deputy for Commerce and Industry of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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