Discover the Potential of Renewable Energy with AKATARA

On May 29-31 2018, Kummara together with HIVOS have conducted a pilot program on implementing game-based learning approach to promote and enhance public awareness of renewable energy. The pilot program consists of two main activities, the training of facilitators (for teacher) and implementation in elementary and junior high schools. The pilot is conducted on Sumba Island, with the involvement of 20 teachers and more than 50 students from several schools in Sumba.

For the purpose of the program, in collaboration with HIVOS, Kummara have designed a special board game entitled “AKATARA”. Akatara means “Energy” in Sanskrit. The game is designed for elementary and junior high school students, but everyone can play and have fun with it. The game intends to trigger our imagination on the potential of renewable energy for greater impact.

AKATARA production is funded through Australia Global Alumni program and HIVOS. Designed and produced by the team from HIVOS and Kummara.

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