Discover The Potential of Game For Education at #NgobrolGame Depok

Earlier this month, Eko joined #NgobrolGame session at Code Margonda, Depok. #NgobrolGame is an event from Ludere Nusantara (Ludenara) collaborating with Code Margonda as their partner in Depok to encourage discussion about game and its implementation in education sector in Indonesia.

Attended by more than 20 participants, they shared their opinion about game and asked some questions related to it. Some participants also shared their experience in using game for education in their family and school. Through the session, Eko also emphasized the importance of playing as a part of learning process for children. At the end of session, 2 participants were selected as PlayTime host and will conduct PlayTime sessoin in Depok.

The second #NgobrolGame will be held in Bandung, March 10 2018.

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