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Ngummara with Expert, Kevin Yonathan

For this month's Ngummara With Expert, we invited Kevin Yonathan all the way from Solo. He is the owner of Plevia raincoat and collaborating with Gibran Rakabuming Raka for Tugas Negara Bos raincoat. Kevin started his sharing session with how he first join the raincoat industry. His big family already involved
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Gaming Literacy 101

As a part of Festival Bandung Mendongeng 2017 event, Seminar Literasi Warna Warni Literasi Anak was held on November 11th and featured academics and experts in children's literary world. Eko became one of the speakers and shared about how to optimize board game as a new literacy and learning media. Eko
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Ignite Business Innovation Through “Business Craft”

At Festival Saudagar Nusantara 2017 event held at Sentul International Convention Center, "Business Craft" was tried for the public for the first time. "Business Craft" is a board game about business innovation and Kummara collaborates with CIAS Business Innovation Consulting in creating this game. Coach Indrawan Nugroho from CIAS Business Innovation
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Achieving Good Governance with Board Game

Rio and Andre joined as board game coaches for Pendidikan Pengembangan Wawasan Keulamaan (PPWK) workshop held by Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission earlier this month. This workshop was attended by 41 representatives from PB Nahdlatul Ulama who were very enthusiast to spread insights about preventing corruption in Indonesia. The young NU kiai
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Ngummara with Expert, Jonathan Sean

For Ngummara with Expert in October, Kummara team went to Yes Ice Please, a unique gelato and sorbet store in Lengkong Besar. There, we met Jonathan, one of its founders to learn more about desserts. Yes Ice Please opened in 2016, but Jonathan already started trying to make his own gelato
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Play and Learn Using Boardgame With Family in Bandung

After Jakarta, Bandung became the host city for "Optimizing Game Potential as Learning Tool for Family" (Mengoptimalkan Potensi Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga) seminar. Hold by Kummara and Rumah Inspirasi, the event took place at House of Shafira, Sulanjana. Eko together with Aar Sumardiono, home-schooling practician and founder of
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