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The Launching of Aquatico Board Game

On February 23rd, Marine Ecosystem Game-based Learning Session was held at CTC Center for Marine Conservation, Sanur, Bali. The event also a part of Aquatico board game launching and was attended by 40 participants. Aquatico, developed in collaboration between Coral Triangle Center, Kummara and Manikmaya Games, aims to tackle key concepts
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Working Memory Game for ADHD Children

Kummara collaborates with the Gamelab Team Computer Science Program of Binus International and Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo (National Hospital of Cipto Mangunkusumo) lead by dr. Tjhin Wiguna to creates Permainan Memori untuk Anak-Anak (Memory Games for Children). The game is designed to help improving working memory of children with ADHD symptoms.
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Sharing Session with Gameloft Indonesia

While spending his Winter Time in Yogyakarta, Eko had a chance to meet Gameloft Indonesia team. In front of Gameloft team, Eko shared about Kummara and the concept behind board games. Eko started his sharing session by sharing what he and Kummara team believe, that game can make a change and
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ThinkLog: Interactive Learning for Supply Chain Management

"ThinkLog: Interactive Learning for Supply Chain Management" paper was presented at IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2017 on December 12-14 2017 at The Education University of Hong Kong, Tai Po, Hong Kong. ThinkLog, an expandable interactive learning framework board game, is develop by Kummara
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Logistics and Warehouse Management Through Board Game

Kummara presented a game session for leaders and experts from government and affiliated organizations involved in urban logistics and transportation management operations for "Urban Logistics & Land Transportation Management Workshop" in Makassar. This 3-days workshop organized by National University of Singapore and Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs with the support
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Entering the Startup Universe Through Boardgaming

Eko was invited at CATGEIST Vol. 1 “Entering the Startup Universe Through Boardgaming” held at Code Margonda, Depok. This event aims to introduce boardgames as a tool and experimental platform to try out ideas for a startup. Aside from gaming, board games can be used as a media to learn
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