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Let’s Create (Good) Game!

Every good game embeds of the following level of fundamentals: high replayability, great game balance and simple (but impactful) decision making process. The problem is that for each people, those levels are different.

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A Great Job as A Game Designer

Great mechanic, great concept, and well design are recipe to make a great board game. It’s not easy as it says. Klaus Teuber who designing The Settlers of Catan needs 4 years to make it. But with passion, hard work, and more patiently can help it come true.

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The Power of Gamification

Gamification is becoming one of the most important trends in technology, according to some experts. The implementation of game mechanics converts users into players in which they become more engaged in doing their tasks.

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What Is the Game Core?

It’s always a pleasure to help someone on a board game project. There will always be new stuffs to learn, and challenges to overcome. A few months ago, a friend who was a student majoring on graphic design at a local university, showed up at Kummara.

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Patch Adams, Tawa dan Rumah Sakit

Patch Adams bercerita tentang seorang dokter, Hunter “Patch” Adams (Robin Williams), yang percaya bahwa dokter bisa berteman dengan pasiennya. Satu cara yang selalu dia lakukan untuk berhubungan dengan pasiennya: tawa.

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