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Best Game Designer

Designing a good game is never about the technology, the effect, or the platform (media). What a game needs to deliver is a simple way to find our own happiness.

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Feel Free to Play

One of the most appealing features of board games media for me, is the possibility for players to alter the rules according to their own preferences and agreement (between players). This is something not so many other media of games can provide.

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My Work Is a Game

My Favorite Artist; M. C. Escher said “my work is a game, very serious game”. When i realize the meaning of his word is when he make his artwork he didn’t assume he doing work but he play a game.

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Game Design = Everyday writing!

Game design is more than just creating game concept, how we present the game, and how we deliver experience to the player. Game design is also about team work, bringing the same vision, structuring the idea, and improving along the way with the whole team.

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Designer Note: Games for Moms

At 21st April we held Kartini’s Day, a day for us to remember Kartini’s fight against gender discrimination. Now days, woman emancipation had reached to the level equal with the man. Not only in a real life, but in fact now woman are gamers too, especially on social game. I thought
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