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Gamification in Jumatan

For Moslems, Friday is a weekly holy day. In that holy day, Moslems go to masjids and mosques to do a special worship called Jumatan.

There are two sessions in Jumatan: khotbah and shalat. Moslems are required to fully listen the khotbah for the whole prayer to be accepted by Allah. For that reason, they have to remain silent and listen throughout the khotbah.

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Long Lasting Game

Back Gamon is one of the oldest (board) game that we know. It was created around 3000 BC and we still enjoy it until today. Mancala is another classic game, created around 700 C, and we can still find it quite easily in the toy store around us. Those game are existing for more than 1000 years, still playable, and providing no less excitement than before.

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Good Strategy

I have just tried a new game on my smartphone. The game is about managing a cake store. I kinda like it, because it is full of colors and I like cooking too. So it is fun for me to see meals in any shapes. The artworks are awesome, make me want to learn to mastered vector technique. Anyway the interesting thing about the game is their strategy to keep players engage with their products.

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Wizard of Odd

When common people hear about game designer, what are actually they think about it? In my case, people usually think game designer are the person who create artwork for game. Then when I explained about game designer job desk, they would say “ohh, so you’re the game programmer?” or they just say “ooh” and think “is this job really existed?”

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The Coin for Our Real Life Game

Most people are seeing game in narrow point of view. They associated game heavily with digital game, table top game, or sport. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think it is much more fun if we are able to see game in much broader sense because nevertheless we are playing “real life game” everyday.

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History in Game

So many things we can learn from games, such as history of something. I learn a lot about Greek mythology from games. One of it is God of War. A twisted story about the history but give me a lot of information about Greek myth.

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Indonesia, The Expert of Fun

What is the greatest thing about Indonesia? Some might prefer its diversity, hospitality, cultures and many other traits. Each and every one of us may have our own perspectives and preferences when we talk about this beloved country. For me, I prefer the luxury of leisure time and relaxing atmosphere of Indonesia.

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