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What is Needed to Gamify Indonesia

Fancy title, eh? Well, I'm not going to talk on implementing a gamification concept to Indonesia. No. It's more about on what aspect is necessary to make gamification known in Indonesia. Deceiving title it may seem, but at least mentioning the points below is the start to really gamify Indonesia. First,
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People’s Play

Chess, one of the oldest and most popular board game we ever known. Played since about 1500 years ago, chess have became a single most iconic symbol of board game (even for those who got no clue whatsoever about board game). Known as chaturanga in ancient India, it is believed
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Bring the Simulation to Life

One of unique things that game offers to players is to be the true self, or completely another. We may often experience a shy person play as an ambitious player, timid person as aggressive person, or careful person who often play a risky game. It is because people tend to
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Best Game Designer

Designing a good game is never about the technology, the effect, or the platform (media). What a game needs to deliver is a simple way to find our own happiness.

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Feel Free to Play

One of the most appealing features of board games media for me, is the possibility for players to alter the rules according to their own preferences and agreement (between players). This is something not so many other media of games can provide.

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My Work Is a Game

My Favorite Artist; M. C. Escher said “my work is a game, very serious game”. When i realize the meaning of his word is when he make his artwork he didn’t assume he doing work but he play a game.

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