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Growing Business Through Innovation at PlayDay BusinessCraft

Another BusinessCraft PlayDay for Corporate was held on October 3rd. More than 15 professionals from various corporations attended this event to learn about innovation and how to grow their business through innovation by using "BusinessCraft". "Business Craft" is a board game about business innovation and Kummara collaborates with CIAS Business
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Improving Communication Skill with Board Game

Kummara and Akademi Training held "Speak To Change: Game-Based Learning Program" in Jakarta. Speak To Change is a program to prepare and train effective communication skill by Akademi Training. For this program, Kummara and Akademi Training collaborate to present Speak To Change boardgame to accompany the session (game-based learning). This training
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Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Youth with Carpe Diem

"Carpe Diem" is a board game developed by Kummara and Faculty of Medicine Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA) team also supported by Institute of Mental Health Singapore, aiming to raise youth awareness about mental health and depression. Before the final product released, another playtest was held in early August. This playtest session
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Enchanced Learning of Supply Chain Management with THINKLog

Eko joined as a speaker at "Review and Cascading Workshop: Global View of Urban Transport Management for Education" in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. This event was held by Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Temasek Foundation International, and National University of Singapore. In his session, Eko talked about serious gaming and its
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BTN Gamification Concept Workshop for Risk Culture

As a continuation after Risk Champion Workshop, Bank Tabungan Negara and Kummara held a concept workshop for Risk Culture Festival 2018. Risk Culture Festival 2018 (RCF 2018) is an event held by BTN to challenge the staffs in creating a creative campaign about risk awareness through different media, such as
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