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ZAKUMA, A Card Game About Zakat

BAZNAS collaborated with Kummara to present ZAKUMA (Zakat Untuk Umat) card game. The game was first introduced on BAZNAS (Badan Amil Zakat Nasional)'s anniversary this year. ZAKUMA board game explained the potential of zakat for the prosperity of people. Players are encouraged to work together and help each other in distributing
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Gamifying Risk Awareness at BTN Risk Champion Workshop

Kummara held an interactive workshop for Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) staff in Jakarta. Attended by more than 150 participants from various BTN branch office, the workshop challenged the participants to create a creative campaign about risk awareness. This workshop is also a part of Risk Culture Festival 2018 held by
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Encouraging A Better Lab with LaboReady

Kummara and Lab Mania Indonesia collaborate to present LaboReady. LaboReady is a co-operation card game to encourage quality improvement of lab in Indonesia. This game was first introduced at The 5th LabIndonesia event in Jakarta. Before introducing the game, Eko explained to the participants about game-based learning, how game can be
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Board Game For Peace at Convey Day

Board Game For Peace took part in Convey Day held in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta. Convey Day was held by Convey Indonesia, a collaborative program of PPIM UIN Jakarta and UNDP. In this event, the result of creative and comprehensive research by 19 Convey Project partners in countering violent extremism was
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The Launching of Aquatico Board Game

On February 23rd, Marine Ecosystem Game-based Learning Session was held at CTC Center for Marine Conservation, Sanur, Bali. The event also a part of Aquatico board game launching and was attended by 40 participants. Aquatico, developed in collaboration between Coral Triangle Center, Kummara and Manikmaya Games, aims to tackle key concepts
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Working Memory Game for ADHD Children

Kummara collaborates with the Gamelab Team Computer Science Program of Binus International and Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo (National Hospital of Cipto Mangunkusumo) lead by dr. Tjhin Wiguna to creates Permainan Memori untuk Anak-Anak (Memory Games for Children). The game is designed to help improving working memory of children with ADHD symptoms.
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