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The Good The Bad and The Game

Now days majority of people says that game provide more negative factors than positive factors. Their opinions are not wrong, but I assumed not really right too. I assumed that all the things in this world have negative and positive factor, that’s why the word “balance” appear.

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The Role of Rules

One of the most frequently asked question in game design is ‘how you determined the rules?’ This particular question is somehow important, for a game usually defined by its rules. How a game should be played is determined by the rules set applied. In some occasions, the rules of game might differs from one place to another.

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A Cup of Tea and A Game

Game can be like a cup of tea, green bean juice, or any other drink. It can satisfy our need, and at the right time, for the right person it can be so special. We don’t need to argue which one is the best, what we need to do is just to enjoy it and bring quality time to our life.

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Positive, Negative and Objective

One of the most common and mainstream opinion about game is that it’s resulting in some negative effects for children. Now, I understand that a lot of discussion have been done based on this premise, but sometimes we basically making it sounds too easy and shallow by saying that it’s true, some games do have negative effects on children, while that is simply not the case.

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The Next Generation of Board Game

Let’s imagine that when we play board game, we can see animation every times we make an action, we can explore extra contents about the item cards and we can upgrade the trading card game when we win the game with other player as easy as a card magically change and upgrade like we seen at animation television series. How cool is that!

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Let’s Create (Good) Game!

Every good game embeds of the following level of fundamentals: high replayability, great game balance and simple (but impactful) decision making process. The problem is that for each people, those levels are different.

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