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The Coin for Our Real Life Game

Most people are seeing game in narrow point of view. They associated game heavily with digital game, table top game, or sport. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think it is much more fun if we are able to see game in much broader sense because nevertheless we are playing “real life game” everyday.

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History in Game

So many things we can learn from games, such as history of something. I learn a lot about Greek mythology from games. One of it is God of War. A twisted story about the history but give me a lot of information about Greek myth.

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Indonesia, The Expert of Fun

What is the greatest thing about Indonesia? Some might prefer its diversity, hospitality, cultures and many other traits. Each and every one of us may have our own perspectives and preferences when we talk about this beloved country. For me, I prefer the luxury of leisure time and relaxing atmosphere of Indonesia.

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From Hobby to Money

The important thing in life is happiness. What the meaning of life if you are dying searching for money, just for you spend your old day regretting every passion you have killed just because society said your dreams are so ridiculous.

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Have you ever heard the story about The Ugly Duckling? The ugly duckling in the story does not realize how amazing she really is. That’s how I see a prototype.

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The Good The Bad and The Game

Now days majority of people says that game provide more negative factors than positive factors. Their opinions are not wrong, but I assumed not really right too. I assumed that all the things in this world have negative and positive factor, that’s why the word “balance” appear.

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