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Kummara Joins Nuclear Awareness Challenge

NSquare Challenge

N Square, a two-year project to increase nuclear safety awareness, and Games For Change create a game design challenge to educate players about the risk of nuclear weapons. The winning game idea will receive $10,000 and the idea will be developed into a real game. We just can’t say no to the awesome prize, so we decided to join the challenge!

We divided ourselves into 3 different teams to create 3 different games. Eko and Rezza created a game called End It Now (EIN), a combination between card and digital game for 2-6 players that aims for balance in power and prosperity through different scenarios. Rio and Andre teamed up and created Duke of Nuke (DoN), a single-player game where the player acts as a nuclear-based arms dealer and have to achieve the best outcome for the business. While Isa and Brendan worked together to create a game called Nucleureka, a digital game that challenge player to manage resources and create beneficial products of nuclear by expanding the nuclear plants.

The winner will be announced on December 10, 2015 and we hope the best game design will win!


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“Play Culture” at Main District

Play Culture

Pop culture enthusiasts in Jakarta now have a new place to be. Recently in Kuningan City, a place called Main District is officially opened for public. Other than being a meeting point for several communities, Main District will also hold event and toys bazaar every weekend. The first event, called “Play Culture” will be held this weekend, November 28-29 2015!

One of Kummara’s unit, Manikmaya Games, will be there to give a workshop about “Designing IP-Based Board Game” on November 28th 2015. Some of board games that based on IP are Game of Thrones, Alien and Angry Birds. In the event, they will talk about why game industries still make a board game based on IP and how to create a board game from an existing IP such as comic, animation or movie. Through this workshop, hopefully there are more IPs from Indonesia that develop into board games.

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