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Creative Smarts: Back to the (playing) board

Business Manager of Manikmaya Games, Andre, was interviewed recently by The Jakarta Post about board games. In his interview, Andre shared about developing board games with Indonesia content and how to promote it to community and society:

“For me and the entire team of Kummara and Manikmaya Games, our experiences during every game session led us to like board games, and it’s our hope to share that feeling to all families in Indonesia. Our big dream is to promote the board-game culture so that the presence of board games in the home is as common as having books on display in the family room.”

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Ngummara With Expert, Eldwin Viriya

NWE Juni

For this month’s Ngummara with Expert, we invited Eldwin Viriya, the man behind Own Games and its famous game “Tahu Bulat”. Up until now, “Tahu Bulat” has reached more than 1 million downloads in Android. Do you know that Kummara’s unit for sound design, Monkey Melody, created the music and voice over?

Mas Eldwin shared his story about “Tahu Bulat”‘s viral and the after effect. Team also asked about IP development of Own Games’ characters (Tako and friends), handling crash report from users, and the long-awaited iOS version of “Tahu Bulat”.

From Mas Eldwin, we learned about passion and dedication in making a game. His spirit in creating something from local culture content is inspiring. Thank you Mas Eldwin!

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Anti-Corruption Playday Video Report

In April 2016, KPK launched Anti-Corruption Board Games Playday at KPK’s Auditorium. The 7 board games which are Terajana, Keranjang Bolong, CSI: Pelajar Hebat, Politrik, Kesatria, It’s My Business and D’Hospital, were developed by Anti-Corruption Learning Centre (ACLC) Direktorat Pendidikan dan Pelayanan Masyarakat (Dikyanmas). All of them are the result of Game Design Workshop by Kummara that held on February 2016. This event is an opening session for Orang Hebat Main (#obatmanjur) campaign as an anti-corruption education and socialization program using board game.


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Play Test and Cheese on Sharing Day

Sharing Day Juni

Eko and Isa had different yet interesting topics to shared for this month’s Sharing Day. Eko shared about “Optimizing Play Test” while Isa shared about “The Story of Mozzarella Cheese Making”.

Play test is an important thing to do in game-making process. Eko emphasize on how to optimize play test during the talk. Play test can be done in various approach, such as using expert analysis or overall rating. Both approaches can be done to maximize the game experience for players.

Isa shared his experience in making Mozzarella Cheese for his winter time project. He visited a cheese master in Sentul and tried to make Mozzarella Cheese by himself. Through the session, we got to learn more about cheese and its process.

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Kummara membuka kesempatan untuk bergabung dan bermain bersama keluarga besar Kummara dalam posisi berikut:


  • Pengalaman kerja minimal 1 tahun
  • Mengerti prosedur akuntansi dan perpajakan
  • Menguasai Microsoft Office, software akuntansi dan e-SPT

Silakan kirimkan CV dan foto dengan wajah gembira ke email

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Let’s Play at Surabaya

popcon sby

Earlier this month, Manikmaya Games went to Surabaya to visit 2 events, Popcon Surabaya and Dodol (Dino Dolanan). Dodol or Dino Dolanan which means Playday in Javanese language. This event was held by Papan Dolanan Arek Suroboyo (PADAS) community at Session Junkies. For a whole day, anyone can play board games and they also can bring their own board games.

Another event is Popcon Surabaya is a pop culture exhibition event which still a part of Popcon Asia and Manikmaya Games was invited to give a workshop about board game.”Board Game Design 101: Start From Game Design & Publish It” was the theme of the workshop with Andre as the speaker. Manikmaya Games also open a booth for those who wants to buy local board games such as Waroong Wars, Pagelaran Jogjakarta, Mashup Monsters and Mat Goceng.

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Playtest Anticorruption Boardgame: D’Hospital


Last week, another playtest session was held using another board game developed by Anti-Corruption Learning Centre (ACLC) of Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). This time, D’Hospital board game was played by lecturer from various Health Polytechnic (Politeknik Kesehatan) from all over Indonesia. This playtest session was held together with anti-corruption workshop in health sector.

In D’Hospital board game, players must arrange hospital’s facilities as well as possible. There are 2 different facilities card, positive and negatives, and must collect it to gain points. But they must be very careful because there will be consequences if caught having negative facilities card during inspection.

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Sharing Session at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Sharing UMN

Recently, Kummara was invited to Universitas Multimedia Nusantara to talked about board game industry. Eko and Andre became the guest lecturer for students who take Game Design Principles course in Interactive Media Desain major.

For about 3 hours, Eko talked about board game in general, its elements and the potential to develop board game in different themes. Andre also shared about board game enthusiast and market in the world, especially in Indonesia. The students were also excited to ask about the process of making board game and how to develop it into a good board game.

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Semester Trip to Puncak


Between team’s tight schedule, we decided to have an outing to Puncak on last weekend. Our main destination was Taman Safari Indonesia but we had a great time during our stay in villa. We also held Playday Internal with Rio and Eja as the host.

Even though we only stayed for 1 night, but it’s a great way to refresh ourselves from work. See you on the next outing trip!

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GameLab STAGE: 03

Gamelab Stage 3

The third GameLab STAGE was held on May 19th at Binus University International, fX Sudirman Campus. For this edition, the speaker was Titik Respati drg., MScPH and her team from Faculty of Medicine Bandung Islamic University.

Our speaker talked about health promotion and how they gamify it during class. Students were taught about health promotion during university level so when they become doctor later, they can promote health to the others. Indonesia has many problems regarding health so it is important to educate the people about health in the right way.

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