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Discussion with Binus International and Indonesia Creative Economy Agency

Kummara-Bekraf 2

Yesterday, our CEO got a chance to join a discussion session about positive game. Beside Eko, the discussion was joined by representatives from Binus International and Wawan Rusiawan, Research Director of Indonesia Creative Economy Agency and his team as well.

The discussion revolved around development of game potential and research in game field. Through the discussion, we hope to see more research about game and people can get positive impact from gaming through various field.

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A Day to Play


Once every two weeks, we held Internal Playday for the whole day. There will be 2 hosts that will pick the games and also provide snacks for the rest. For the first session of Internal Playday in 2016, the hosts were Andre and Rio.

We started our Internal Playday by having lunch together. Then we set up the table and this session was divided into two groups, the serious group and the chaos group. For the first game, the serious group played Dschingis Khan (Winning Moves) while the chaos group played Super Rhino (HABA). We continued with other game such as Curio Collectors (OKAZU) and Piraten, Planken & Peseten (KOSMOS).

No matter what group we were in, we still had so much fun!

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Busy Saturday

Last Saturday became a busy day for 2 of our units, Monkey Melody and Manikmaya Games. Monkey Melody held Game Music Talk at Dago Digilife while Manikmaya Games held their monthly PlayDay at Gandaria Mie.

Since Grand Prix is the theme of January edition of PlayDay, every game that can be played in the venue is about racing. Viva Pamplona, Salmon Run, Formula D, and Snow Tails were some of the board games that played by more than 25 attendees. For 5 hours, everyone can choose the board game they want to try and compete to become the fastest and the winner. Some of the attendees also brought their own board game to be played by others.

The theme for Game Music Talk is Music & Sound for Media Enhancement. There were 3 speakers for talk show session: Septian Pamungkas (Game music composer, founder Monkey Melody), Jodi Handoyo (Film & media composer, audio director) and The Babams (Sound designer, mixing & mastering engineer). The attendees not only from composer, but also game programmer and developer who interested in developed a better music for their game.

Playday Januari
PlayDay: Grand Prix

GMT Januari
Game Music Talk

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Let’s Escape The Room!

As our monthly activities in January, Kummara team decided to try real-life room escape games. These escape games became a trend in Indonesia since end of 2014 with different themes and riddles. Because this is our first time challenging room escape games, we chose an abandoned school-themed game with hard difficulty.

Within 90 minutes, we were unable to escape the room and stuck in the third room. Despite the difficult riddles and clue, team had so much fun and still curious about how to unlock the room to finish the game. Inspired by our exciting experience, we decided to make our own room escape game in our office! Rio and Isa will be the designer and hopefully we can create our own game in February.

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Kick Off Meeting 2016

monthly meeting jan Yesterday, we held Kick Off Meeting with all of our team members. A bit different with our usual Internal Meeting, we held the meeting outside Kummara’s HQ. Our meeting started with a sharing session about team members’ activities during Winter Time. Some were having holiday and traveling, some were working on new ideas. But from all of the stories, team members were really enjoying their Winter Time. And for the serious part, we continued the meeting with discussion from each unit about their yearly plan and quarterly plan. During the discussion, we realized that there are many opportunities in the industry. So, we decide to create a lot of exciting collaboration between each unit to make every planĀ  accomplished. And the most important thing, we can’t wait to bring more happiness in 2016!

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Back to Work, Back to Play

Mural Kummara

After 3 weeks of Winter Time, now all team member is back to work. To our surprise, we are welcomed by new murals in the office done by our Lead Illustrator, Rezza. Start from the outside of the office to our working space until meeting rooms. Awesome!

We begin our first week of work by evaluating last year’s work and brief planning for this year. Then every unit must prepare their monthly plan and quarter year plan that will be present in our monthly meeting. Seeing so many opportunities this year make our teams excited to create more happiness through our game.

Let’s work and play in 2016!

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Winter Time is Coming

Starting from this week, all team is having Winter Time for 3 weeks. During Winter Time, office is a forbidden place to work (unless for urgent situation) and team can work anywhere they want. We can say that Winter Time is team’s holiday time but remaining tasks still need to be done.

Since team members have more flexible time between work and other activities, they can create and have their own personal project. Some decided to learn new skills and others came up with new ideas for the next game. The project can be done individually or collaborating with another team member. At the first day of work after Winter Time, each of us should present what we do/learn during Winter Time to everyone.

So, Happy Winter Time!

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PlayDay at Anti Corruption Festival 2015

Playday Korupsi 2

To celebrate International Anti Corruption Day, Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi/KPK) held Anti Corruption Festival 2015 on December 10-11th 2015 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung. The festival consisted of many events, and one of them is PlayDay that held on the first day.

PlayDay began at 13.00 and 6 educational games with anti corruption theme were available to be played by the students. Kummara brought Sahabat Pemberani series and Semua Bisa BerAksi, educational games that collaborate with KPK. Students from different primary school and senior high school came and tried the game while learning how to prevent corruption.

We believe that we can learn so many things through game. By creating games with anti corruption theme, hopefully there will be more people that learn how to prevent and eradicate corruption near them.

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Ngummara with Expert, Goklas Oyasujiwo

NWE Goklas

Ngummara With Expert is one of team’s favorite session because every month we invite an expert to come to Kummara HQ to share about their expertise. Joining us this month is Goklas Oyasujiwo, or Mas Oyas as we called him, an expert in storytelling.

Mas Oyas created Odong-Odong Dongeng, a storybook for children that use multiple endings so parent can create different story in every reading session. He said that creating bond between children and parent through verbal communication (e.g. storytelling) or physical communication (e.g. playing together) is the best way.

“Try to write a story backward. Create the grande or the finale first. Then put things that make it happen to the front.”

Mas Oyas gave us new strategies in how we develop characters and stories. Characters are supposed to have distinct and detailed features so children can relate themselves to the characters. In developing stories, it’s better to have template with different variants so storywriter can develop many stories without getting bored.

Now we are excited to make a boardgame with strong character and storyline!

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Welcome Back, Prof. Scot Osterweil

Scot 2015

After his visit last year (read: Let’s Learn from Prof. Scot Osterweil), Kummara and ITB invited Prof. Scot Osterweil, Creative Director of MIT Education Arcade to Bandung again this year.

His first stop in Bandung was Kummara’s office. Our team member got the opportunity to learn and share about game as we had Team Lunch and Team Dinner together. Having Prof. Scot Osterweil in our office meant a lot for the team as we see more potential in game and bring a lot of support to create more educational game in the future.

Prof. Scot Osterweil also become a Keynote Speaker and give a workshop about Game For Learning in Indonesia Digital Media Festival on November 12-13 2015 in ITB. We hope, game industry in Indonesia can develop even bigger and better.

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