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A Visit From Salatiga


Yesterday, we had a special guest coming to our office. Mas Andi Taru, owner of Educa Studio came all the way from Salatiga. Educa Studio is a game developer studio based in Central Java focusing on education game in Android.

The first thing we did was playing boardgame. We decided to play Broom Service, 2015 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner. And before Mas Andi leaving our office to airport, we had a lunch session while talking about game.

Thank you Mas Andi for visiting us and we’ll see you soon!

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Ngummara With Expert: Agam Hanafiah

NWE - Jan 17

For the first Ngummara with Expert in 2017, we invited Agam Hanafiah from Brodo. Brodo is a local fashion men brand that started from footwear. Now, their products include shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Agam talked about how Brodo started and what makes them different from another brand. Brodo emphasizes local value in every product line, such as for their series name or using local batik pattern on their shoes. Agam also talked about how they manage the stock and production line so their shoes are always in best quality.

The unique feature of Brodo is that they have the Legacy series, which is the premium brand of Brodo. This shoes only made by order and can take time up to 1 week for the production. They even create a special promotional marketing to tell the customer about what are the factors that make the shoe premium.

From this session, we learn a lot about unique marketing idea and the passion for creating the best product. Thank you, Mas Agam!

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Gamification Workshop Initiation with Telkom Corporate University

Telkom Corporate University

Last week, Eko and Andre visited Telkom Corporate University to meet with the team to initiate the first gamification workshop. Both of them brought few board games to be played there, from casual to heavy board game.

Through this initiation workshop, Eko and Andre shared how gamification can be implemented to various subject and purpose based on needs. The result of the future workshop can be in form of game prototype or another gamification workshop for students as a part of learning process.

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Welcome Back!

day 1 2017

After a month of Winter Time, everyone has already back to the office!

Last Friday, to welcome everyone, we had lunch together after Friday prayer. While enjoying our lunch, we had little talk about our Winter Time activities.

We are ready to work and bring more happiness in 2017!

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Manikmaya Games’ PlayDay Camp 2017

playday camp

Kicking off the new year, Manikmaya Games held PlayDay Camp 2017 in Bandung. 14 participants registered for 4 days and 3 nights full of playing time. Not only playing board games, the participants also played PS4, had a singing session with the karaoke machine, watched movies, participated in cooking class and BBQ-ing.

There were more than 60 titles of board games that available to be played by the participants. And for 4 days, there were more than 40 game sessions.

If you miss this year’s PlayDay Camp, make sure not to miss it again next year. Don’t forget to check Manikmaya Games’ website and Facebook Page for their future registration announcement.

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Game-Based Learning Talkshow at ITB


Kummara together with PPTIK ITB, MIT Education Arcade and Sekolah Gagas Ceria presented a talkshow about Game-Based Learning: Design and Implementation. The talkshow was open for public and held at ITB on December 23rd 2016. The speakers for the talkshow were Scot Osterweil (MIT Education Arcade), Eko Nugroho (CEO & Lead Game Designer KUMMARA), and Sekolah Gagas Ceria Bandung team.

First, Scot talked about some of his previous projects regarding game-based learning, such as Lure of the Labyrinth (online digital game about pre-algebra) and Vanished (alternate reality game about science). He emphasized that designing a game-based learning needs to implement a mystery factor, which players need to think that the game is hard (or challenging) but not that hard so they think they can finish it. The role of teacher is still important in order to build knowledge and create discussions between students.

The second session’s speaker was from Sekolah Gagas Ceria team. They shared their stories in implementing game to learning process. For example, domino tiles were used to learn fractions in math class, interactive quizzes were used to learn history and revamping the traditional snake and ladder to learn science. The team that consists of teacher also told the difficulties of applying game-based learning in classroom and some insights as well as ideas on improvement that can be made for a better classroom experience in using game.

To conclude the session, Eko talked about the future of game-based learning market in Indonesia. He added the potential of using game in school to fulfill the national curriculum. To all the participants, Eko encouraged them to create a holistic game to create an impactful learning experience in classroom that not only help student to learn, but also help teacher to teach better.

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The International Conference on Game, Game Art, and Gamification 2016


On December 19-20 2016, The International Conference on Game, Game Art, and Gamification (ICGGAG) was held at fX Sudirman Campus Binus University International. This event was held by GAMELAB Binus University International, with 38 papers from 8 participated countries were presented during the conference.

Eko joined the first day of the conference as the speaker for talkshow about Game and Learning Process. He shared his experiences related to the use of games for educational purposes. Eko pointed out that a good educational game is not only helping student to study better, but it needs to help teacher to teach better. Education game in school should not be another additional burden for teachers.

Aside from the serious part of the conference, local board games were shown for public during two-days conference and everyone can try to play it. Manikmaya Games also participated and brought along Mahardika, Mat Goceng, MashUp Monster, Keris Tanding, and Get Egg.

Beside paper presentations from participants, ICGGAG 2016 also includes keynote speech from Prof. Scot Osterweil (Creative Director, MIT Education Arcade) and Prof. Alamgir Hossain (Director, Anglin Ruskin University IT Research Institute).

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Winter Time Has Come


Starting from last week, after our monthly meeting, team now entering Winter Time. During Winter Time, about one month, team can work anywhere and it’s not an obligatory to come to the office.

As usual, each person will have their own personal project during Winter Time. It can be related or not related to games. And for this year’s Winter Time, everyone should write their personal and unit goals for 2017. When it’s time to go back to the office, the goals must be presented in front of the team.

Happy Winter Time and see you all on January!

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Jaga Sekolahku on Anti Corruption Master Camp 2016


At the end of November, Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held Master Camp 2016 for anticorruption agents. The agent were given various experiences and lessons so they can create their own anticorruption workshop materials and learning models to implement anticorruption education.

During the event, “Jaga Sekolahku” board game was introduced as one of media for anticorruption education. The board game also used during anticorruption workshop for school inspectors in Yogyakarta. The play session using “Jaga Sekolahku” was hosted by Eko as the game master and after short briefing about the rules, all the participants played the game. After the play session, Eko asked the participants about the overall game experiences and how the game can help them to monitoring the integrity of school governance.

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Manikmaya Games at BEKRAF Game Prime 2016


At the end of November, Manikmaya Games participated in BEKRAF Game Prime 2016 which held in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. For two days, Manikmaya Games presented their games, such as Mat Goceng and the newest card game Pipoya Get Egg. All the games were available for visitors and they can play it in the event for free. Some of the exhibitors also tried the game!

Beside presented the well-known games, Manikmaya Games also brought their upcoming game titled “The Festivals: Indonesia”. This game will be released in 2017, but the visitors can try the game ahead of the release date.

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