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Introducing Gamification to Family

Eko was invited by Institut Ibu Professional team to join Pesantren Ramadhan Keluarga 2017 which held in Ciwidey. This event was attended by dozens of families in Bandung. Beside joining the whole event for 3 days, Eko also got a chance to share about gamification for family.

Eko shared about how to optimize gamification implementation to motivate meaningful play between parents and children. It’s exciting to see that during open-discussion session, many families said they are already tried and implemented gamification.

Through our works, we hope to bring more happiness in family by motivating more meaningful playtime.

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Visiting Study from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Last week, lecturers from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara visited Kummara for their visiting study session.

During the meetups, the lecturers asked about creative industry’s needs related to the human resources’ ability, especially in game industry. Eko, Andre and Tian shared about the current board game industry and market. Through this visiting study, UMN hopes to create a curriculum that can accommodate creative media industry’s need of human resources.

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Game Based Learning 101

Last week, Eko joined “Workshop Instructional System Design: Merancang Program Pembelajaran Antikorupsi yang Efektif, Menyenangkan dan Berdampak” held by Pusat Edukasi Antikorupsi KPK (Anti-Corruption Learning Center – Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission). With the theme Game Based Learning 101, Eko shared on how to use games to bring a more effective learning process.

With the theme Game Based Learning 101, Eko shared on how to use games to bring a more effective learning process. In his session, Eko emphasized 3 key factors for Game Based Learning. Believe that game has positive potential, Understand the function of the game and how to deliver it, and Embrace all the dynamics throughout the process.

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Back to Share and Play

This month, we start again our monthly internal activities.

We started with playday internal, with Rio as our host on Friday. After Friday prayer and healthy lunch, we chose to play China and Augi won the game!

On Monday, we had our sharing day about our activities during Winter Time. Mas Eko started with his visit to School of Life Lebah Putih and the lesson he got during his visit about education. A different story about education was told by Rio who helped his family’s education place in his hometown. Brendan told his story when he went to a mountain and saw tomato field. While Augi had a cooking lesson from her family, Isa had his cooking lesson during Playday Camp in January. Eja was busy moving to his new place and Andre worked at Shuffle to check local boardgame market and customer.

Through the stories, we learned about different things. Mas Eko also emphasized that Winter Time is a time where we can spend more times with family without neglecting our work.

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Sharing Session with Educa Studio

After his last on February, Mas Andi Taru visited us again this month. He also brought along his team member from Educa Studio to Kummara.

For a whole day, Kummara team and Educa Studio team had a sharing session about digital and board game. Hopefully through this session both Kummara and Educa Studio can help creating a better game industry in Indonesia.

Thank you for the visit!

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Logistics Learning Through Game


Eko visited Makassar to join a seminar about logistics in Hasanuddin University. The seminar talked about optimizing logistics warehouse in Makassar, based on case studies. The attendants were lecturer and students of Faculty of Engineering Hasanuddin University.

In the seminar, Eko talked about how boardgame can be used to simulate the logistics process. He also showed “LogicHub”, an expandable interactive learning framework board game which is a result of joint collaboration with National University of Singapore.

After the presentation, the students get the chance to try the game. In “LogicHub”, every player acts as a manager in one of the supply-chain node (Manufacture, Wholesaler, Distributor, and Retailer) and they need to optimizing inventory level in each warehouse they have. There were events going on in the game that makes the game even challenging.

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Anti-Corruption Workshop for STAN Lecturer

kpk stan

This month, Eko and Augi visited Indonesian State College of Accountancy (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara/STAN) to support the anti-corruption education in the college in anti-corruption workshop held by STAN and KPK.

The workshop was dedicated for the anti-corruption lecturers, consist of learning material related to anti-corruption, such as efforts to eradicate corruption, corruption in the law and supporting material to teach anti-corruption from KPK.

Beside reference books, KPK also brought D’Suspect board game as one of supporting material to teach in anti-corruption class. In the last session of the workshop, Eko introduced the game and why KPK chose board game as a part of supporting material to teach anti-corruption.

After a brief explanation, it was time to try the game. 30 STAN lecturers tried the game and assisted by Eko and Augi. For about 60 minutes, the lecturers tried the game for 3 rounds and they were excited, especially since there were lots of discussion about who is the evil master.

After the play session, Eko opened a quick Q&A for the lecturers about the game. He also gave tips on how using the game in class and relate it to the learning material so students will learn even better.

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A Visit From Salatiga


Yesterday, we had a special guest coming to our office. Mas Andi Taru, owner of Educa Studio came all the way from Salatiga. Educa Studio is a game developer studio based in Central Java focusing on education game in Android.

The first thing we did was playing boardgame. We decided to play Broom Service, 2015 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner. And before Mas Andi leaving our office to airport, we had a lunch session while talking about game.

Thank you Mas Andi for visiting us and we’ll see you soon!

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Ngummara With Expert: Agam Hanafiah

NWE - Jan 17

For the first Ngummara with Expert in 2017, we invited Agam Hanafiah from Brodo. Brodo is a local fashion men brand that started from footwear. Now, their products include shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Agam talked about how Brodo started and what makes them different from another brand. Brodo emphasizes local value in every product line, such as for their series name or using local batik pattern on their shoes. Agam also talked about how they manage the stock and production line so their shoes are always in best quality.

The unique feature of Brodo is that they have the Legacy series, which is the premium brand of Brodo. This shoes only made by order and can take time up to 1 week for the production. They even create a special promotional marketing to tell the customer about what are the factors that make the shoe premium.

From this session, we learn a lot about unique marketing idea and the passion for creating the best product. Thank you, Mas Agam!

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Gamification Workshop Initiation with Telkom Corporate University

Telkom Corporate University

Last week, Eko and Andre visited Telkom Corporate University to meet with the team to initiate the first gamification workshop. Both of them brought few board games to be played there, from casual to heavy board game.

Through this initiation workshop, Eko and Andre shared how gamification can be implemented to various subject and purpose based on needs. The result of the future workshop can be in form of game prototype or another gamification workshop for students as a part of learning process.

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