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Anti-Corruption Teacher Supercamp 2016


Earlier this month, Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held Anti-Corruption Teacher Supercamp 2016 in Nusa Dua, Bali. 50 teachers from all over Indonesia were selected to join the supercamp where they can choose to join workshop, such as comic, short movie scenario, short stories and picture tales. The purpose of this event is to enhance the role of teachers in applying anti-corruption education at school.

Between the workshop, KPK also gave learning session about Integrity School Governance (Tata Kelola Sekolah Berintegritas) from GIZ Indonesia. In the session, all the teachers were invited to play “Jaga Sekolahku” and Eko became the moderator during the play session. The teachers were introduced on how they can involve in creating integrity within the school governance system.

All the teachers also played anti-corruption board games created by KPK and Kummara, such as “Keranjang Bolong” for kindergarten, “Kuartet Sahabat Pemberani” and “Sahabat Pemberani Permainan Kejujuran” for primary school, “CSI” and “Terajana” for high school and “Ksatria” for all age.

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Content Writer


Kummara membuka kesempatan untuk bergabung dan bermain bersama keluarga besar Kummara dalam posisi berikut:

Content Writer

  • Punya passion dalam menulis
  • Aktif di media sosial
  • Pernah menulis tentang game/industri game menjadi nilai plus
  • Diutamakan wanita

Silakan kirimkan CV, portfolio, dan foto dengan wajah gembira ke emailĀ

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Eko Visited Singapore


Eko recently visited for several meeting agenda in Singapore. Together with The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific, Eko discussed about advanced research collaboration. Eko also met Adj. A/Prof. Daniel Fung, Chairman Medical Board of Institute of Mental Health, to discuss about using game for health promotion and also had a discussion with Edi Fung, Principal Gifts & Donor Relations of National University of Singapore, about startup development and its potential.

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“Talking Board Games” at Indonesia Comic Con 2016


At the second day of Indonesia Comic Con 2016, a talkshow about board game was held by Arcanum Hobbies. Andre was invited as one of the speaker, representing Manikmaya Games. Other speakers were from fellow board game designers.

Andre shared his insights about current board game market and the enthusiast in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Through this talkshow, Andre gave his support to all board game designer to create more board game so the market in Indonesia keep increasing and hopefully can attract more enthusiasts.

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Literation Workshop for Junior High School Teacher


Kummara was invited as one of the speaker for Literation Workshop for Junior High School Teacher in Bandung. This workshop was held for 3 days by Department of Education in Bandung (Dinas Pendidikan Kota Bandung).

Mas Eko started the session by explaining how playing is a part of learning process. Some of the teacher asked about how to implement game to learning process to create a better and more fun learning environment. Some also shared their experience on creating a game for students related to learning materials.

After the short presentation, all the workshop participants were asked to join the play session coached by Kummara team. At the beginning session, coach introduced the game to the participants and gave a brief explanations about how the game can be use for learning. Some of the games that were played are Spyfall, Drachen Gold, Tanz der Hornochsen, and also local board game such as Pipoya Get Egg, Waroong Wars and Alkisah. All the teachers were playing enthusiastically and they also asked on how to implement it as their teaching materials.

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Simplifying Work Management on Sharing Day


For this month’s Sharing Day, Eko and Augi shared 2 topics that can simplify team’s work management. Eko talked about creating a better rulebook using checklist and Augi talked about implementation of Kanban Board.

For the first session, Augi shared about how to visualizing work on Kanban Board. She gave example on how to use sticky notes as a reminder of their task and how the flow of Kanban Board will improve productivity.

Next, Eko shared his knowledge on improving rulebook. By using checklist, rulebook can be written in a better form and flow. It includes the summary of the game, visual aides, sentence fluency and exposition. He also gave some tips on writing rulebook, such as using short, simple and conversational sentences, using example to make rules clearer and always assume that the reader know nothing about the game.

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Sharing About Board Game at Rumah Belajar Semi Palar

Sharing Semi Palar

At the end of August, Andre and Isa was invited to Rumah Belajar Semi Palar. Both of them were asked to share about how to make a board game to the students for their project.

Andre and Isa started the sharing session by playing Rhino Hero and Cash and Guns with the students. Then, they talked about the important parts of making board game, such as concept, mechanism and rule. Andre also emphasized on how research helps them to find more references to create a better board game. Students also learned about creating prototype and conducting test play to make sure that their board game is finished and ready to be published.

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User Generated Content and Competitive Innovation on Sharing Day

Sharing Day Agustus

After absent on last month, Sharing Day is held again on August. This time, Brendan and Isa got the chance to share two different topics to Kummara team.

First, Isa shared his experience in joining two-days workshop about competitive innovation. He talked about creating goals, identify product’s strength and weakness, and also how to win competition using innovation.

The second sharing session was from Brendan about User-Generated Content and how it is affecting the gameplay. For example, Blizzard created contents on Hearthstone based on user’s creation. By letting user/player becomes the “game developer”, gamedev will get the data of what the user likes or dislikes and can create a better engagement between user and game.

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Training for Jenius Advisor


At the end of July, Main Learn Lab team consists of Siddharta, FM as Chief of Trainer also Andre and Augi as Executive Game Coach, gave series of training for Jenius Advisor from digital banking apps “Jenius” of BTPN (Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional).

70 Jenius Advisors were given training about Negotiation Skill, Customer Relationship and Sales Motivation. Each training including game session for 1 hour where Jenius Advisor played a game that related to the learning material. Games that were played are Drachengold (Dragon’s Gold) for Negotiation Skill training, Dark Stories for Customer Relationship training and Snake Oil for Sales Motivation training.

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Memahami Urban Logistic lewat Game Session “LogicHub”

Workshop NUS

Kummara mendapat kepercayaan untuk menghadirkan game session khusus bagi leader dan spesialis dalam workshop “Urban Logistics & Land Transportation Management Workshop for Leaders & Specialists in Indonesia” yang diadakan oleh National University of Singapore dan Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Perekonomian. Game session diadakan di hari ke-2 workshop dan menjadi salah satu highlight dari kegiatan Specialists’ Workshop.

Game yang dimainkan adalah LogicHub, sebuah game yang secara khusus didesain sebagai sebuah expandable interactive learning framework guna mendukung proses pembelajaran terkait Urban Logistics/Transportation Management. LogicHub didesain oleh Rio Fredericco (Kummara), Eko Nugroho (Kummara) dan Dr. Robert De Souza (TLIAP – National University of Singapore). Dalam board game LogicHub, setiap pemain berperan sebagai manajer di salah satu supply-chain node (Manufacture, Wholesaler, Distributor, dan Retailer) yang harus mampu coba mengoptimalkan inventory level di tiap gudang yang mereka miliki. Selama hampir 2 jam, 32 peserta yang berasal dari berbagai universitas dan lembaga pemerintah merasakan tantangan dalam upaya mengoptimalkan sebuah proses supply chain.

Lewat LogicHub, diharapkan proses pembelajaran terkait urban logistics dan Land Transport Management akan menjadi lebih mudah untuk dipelajari sekaligus juga memotivasi lebih banyak pihak untuk terlibat menghadirkan solusi untuk berbagai tantangan logistik di Indonesia. LogicHub juga menjadi satu bukti pengakuan dunia Internasional terhadap potensi dan kemampuan para game designer Indonesia.

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