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Minimalism in Board Game Design

This month’s sharing session is a bit different because we broadcast our session live on Kummara’s Facebook Page so everyone can watch and learn together. Kummara’s lead designer, Eja, had the honor to shared about minimalism in board game design. Why minimalism become a choice for board game design instead of fancy design or breath-taking illustration?

Eja started his session by explaining the history of minimalism and examples in typography and design. Then he gave some ideas on how minimalism can be implemented in board game design. From implementing silhouette to limiting color palette in the game. To end the session, Eja shared the pros and cons of minimalist design in board game.

You can read Eja’s sharing session material below:

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Creating Healthcare Campaign Using Stop Motion

Kummara team consist of Eko, Rio and Augi were invited to join Community & Health Oriented Programme class in Faculty of Medicince of Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA). The team shared how to create a creative healthcare campaign and deliver it effectively using social media.

Eko opened the session by introducing some campaign related to healthcare and why it’s important to engage the audience. After that, Rio shared how to deliver a message effectively, starting from a big idea and break it down to a smaller message that gives impact to the audience. Next, Augi shared how to optimize social media to deliver content, from identifying target audience until using the right hashtag.

At the end of the session, Eko challenged the students to create a stop motion video to promote healthcare as a part of the gamification process. The topics ranged from disaster mitigation, communicable disease until vaccination. For a week, they will promote their post and create a report on how their post can engage the audience in promoting healthcare.

You can read Rio and Augi’s sharing material below:

Here are some of the stop-motion videos created by the students:

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Boardgame Workshop for Pelopor Integritas

At the end of May, Brendan invited as a speaker for “Pelopor Integritas: Remaja Berkarya, Bangkit Bersama Melawan Korupsi” workshop held by Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission. 33 high school students from Bogor was chosen to participate and they will become Pelopor Integritas or integrity pioneer agent.

For 2 days, the students learned about spreading anticorruption using different media such as comic, film and board game. The first session was “Growing Anticorruption Culture through Boardgame” where the students tried anticorruption board game Terajana.

After the game session, “How to Start Design a Board Game: Re-design Board Game” workshop conducted by Brendan. He shared about game design and the potential of game for learning purpose. After the brief presentation, the students were challenged to re-design snake-and-ladder board game and incorporated it with anticorruption learning material. The students showed their enthusiasm and the results were very creative. Hopefully through the workshop, the students were motivated to create more board games with positive impact in the future.

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Game Based Learning for Integrity and Anti-Corruption at Paramadina University

Eko were invited as a guest lecturer for an anti-corruption class at Paramadina University, Jakarta. “Game Based Learning for Integrity and Anti-Corruption” was the title of the class which attended by more than 100 students from various majors.

In the beginning of the class, Eko talked about game design and how a game can be used for learning material. After the introduction, the students were grouped to start the game session. The students played The Suspect board game, created by Pusat Edukasi Anti Korupsi – Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Anti-Corruption Learning Center – Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission). In this game, players work together to finish a project but they need to aware of evil master among them that want the project to fail.

Through the game, students learned the hardship of being corruptor and reminded them about the importance of integrity in life.

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Understanding Humanitarian Logistics through “LogicHub 2.0”

Yesterday, Kummara presented a game session for leaders and specialists from government and affiliated organizations involved in urban logistics and transportation management operations for “Urban Logistics & Land Transportation Management Workshop” in Bandung. This 3-days workshop organized by National University of Singapore and Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs with the support of Temasek Foundation International.

For the game session, leaders and specialists played LogicHub 2.0, the second version of LogicHub which first presented in last year’s “Urban Logistics & Land Transportation Management Workshop”. LogicHub is designed by Rio Fredericco (Kummara), Eko Nugroho (Kummara), and Dr. Robert De Souza (NUS TLI-AP) as an expendable interactive learning framework to support learning process related to urban logistics and transportation management.

In LogicHub 2.0, players act as experts from different countries that help a disaster area. They need to decide where to build their warehouse so they can deliver goods based on survivor’s demand as fast as possible. By implementing MCDM/A (Multi Criteria Decision Making/Analysis), players can make the best decision regarding their warehouse location using different parameters, such as distance, congestion, and cost. For 2 hours, 60 participants actively involved in the game and competed to be the best experts.

Through LogicHub, learning process about urban logistics and transport management hopefully will be easier to learn and motivate people to create more solution for various logistic challenges in Indonesia.

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Game Audio Optimization

In this month’s Sharing Day, Tian from Monkey Melody shared about optimizing game audio. Game audio has always been an important part of the game, but how to optimize it to create an even better game?

At the beginning of his session, Tian talked about the criteria of audio optimization. He gave some example from his previous works on how to optimizing game audio. Tian also emphasized the importance of working together with game developer from the beginning of game development process to create a better game audio.

You can read Tian’s sharing session material below:

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Gamification for Family

At Pesantren Ramadhan Keluarga 2017 held by Institut Ibu Professional, Eko shared about how to optimize gamification implementation to motivate meaningful play between parents and children. Parents can start by using small things in their house to play with the children. There are few key points that parent needs to acknowledge when implementing gamification in their family.

You can check Eko’s session material below:

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Health Research Project with FKUI-RSCM

Mas Eko together with Binus Gamelab team recently had a meeting with FKUI-RSCM team led by Dr. Tjhin Wiguna, Sp.KJ (K). This meeting discussed game development research project in health field. The discussion was focused in initial prototype of the game that will be used as therapy tools.

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Ngummara with Expert, Andry Yanuar

Our team cannot live without coffee, as we always have coffee in our pantry. But we rarely had ‘real’ coffee since most of our stocks were instant coffee packed in a sachet. So for April’s edition of Ngummara with Expert, we invited Andry Yanuar from Kiwari Farmers, local coffee farmers group in Bandung.

In 2010, Irfan, one of the founder, along with his mother bought a land in Manglayang to help conserve the hill by planting coffee there. They first only sell the cherry coffee but then Kiwari Farmers was established in 2016 to help raise coffee farmers’ living standard in Manglayang.

Mas Andry talked about 3 main concepts in Kiwari Farmers: environment conservation, fair trade, and animal welfare standard. They gave continuous education to coffee farmers about the farm as well as the opportunity to try the coffee that they planted. Because they produce Luwak coffee, Kiwari Farmers also create a better place for Luwak so high produced Luwak coffee can be produced without harming the Luwak.

At the end of session, we got a chance to try Kiwari’s own Manglayang Karlina coffee. Thank you Mas Andry for sharing with us!

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Raising Mental Health Awareness Through Game

Earlier this month, Mas Eko together with Faculty of Medicine Unisba team and Binus Gamelab team, went to Ministry of Health. They met Dr. Anung Sugihantono (Director General of Public Health and Dr. Dedi Kuswenda (Director of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment) with the key discussion points are:

  1. Optimizing learning approach through interactive media (game) to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle in Indonesia, especially for youth and family.
  2. Game design approach to motivate people to care about healthy lifestyle and actively engage in health promotion.
  3. Optimizing collaboration research, together with Faculty of Medicine Unisba and Binus Gamelab, to measure the effectiveness and impact of health promotion using interactive approach (learning through game and game design). The result of the research can be developed continuously and can be a basis for a more strategic decision-making process.

They also met Benny Prawira from Into The Light community to talked about mental health case in Indonesia especially in youth. They discussed several methods to raise mental health awareness and to measure mental health literacy, as well as the importance of family, school and friends in order to handle mental health problems.

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