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Let’s Design Board Game to Raise Insurance Awareness

Kummara held an exclusive game design workshop for Astra Life. This workshop held for 3 days and participants learned how to design game through game design process and implementing the game to raise insurance awareness. As an introduction to game design, participants played various board games, coached by Kummara team, to learn about different game mechanics and strategy.

During the workshop, participants were taught about rapid prototyping in groups to create a prototype. Kummara team also facilitated the participants to help them refining the game by looking through the details such as game flow and balancing.

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Serious Game and Gamification Implementation For (Child and Adolescent) Mental Health

Eko was invited at The 9th Congress of The Asian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (ASCAPAP) and 3rd National Congress of The Indonesian Association of Child and Adolescents Mental Health (IACAMH), in Jogjakarta on August 24-26th 2017. This year’s theme for the congress was “Cultural Diversity, Challenging Life Events and Stigma: Improving Child and Adolescent Quality of Life” and attended by experts from various countries, such as Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Australia, USA, and many more.

Eko joined on the last day for the 12th symposium about Social Media Addiction as the chair and speaker. Eko presented his paper about Serious Game and Gamification Implementation For (Child and Adolescent) Mental Health, which is part of a collaboration with Faculty of Medicine UNISBA, FK UI-RSCM and Gamelab Binus International.

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Learning Logistics Through Game: A Class Session

On August 21st, Eko and Rio visited National University of Singapore to discuss the expandable interactive learning framework board game which is a result of joint collaboration between Kummara and TLI-AP National University of Singapore. The board game is used to support learning process related to urban logistics and transportation management. During their visit, they had a class session with MSc Supply Chain Management students to try the game.

About 70 MSc students joined the class and had the opportunity to play the expandable interactive learning framework board game. In the game, groups of students were divided as Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers and had 3 rounds to complete customer’s need. Through the session and by playing the game, students got the basic learning point of traditional supply chain process.

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Define Your Market, Define Your Business

For this month’s Sharing Day, Manikmaya Games’ business manager, Andre, shared about how to define the market to expand the business. Is it important to define the target market for business? And how to define it to find the right market?

Andre introduced us to a marketing tool called Segmentation Targeting Positioning (STP) to help define the target market. There are 4 actions in STP tool: Segment the market, Assess attractiveness, Select and Positioning. It’s important as well to identify competitors so we can create a better positioning and create a better marketing result. This tool can also be applied not only to games industry but also other business industries.

You can read Andre’s sharing session material below:

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Experiencing Squash

We usually had food-related activities for our Internal Activity, but we decided to try something different. We had 80 minutes session of Squash!

None of us ever tried squash before so it’s a bit exciting to play it. It became difficult due to squash’s small field but we enjoy the game a lot. It’s good to have a sport activity for a while for us who rarely did sport!

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Optimizing Game-Based Learning for Family

Last week, Kummara and Rumah Inspirasi hold a seminar for families called “Optimizing Game Potential as Learning Tool for Family” (Mengoptimalkan Potensi Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga) at Binus University Joseph Wibowo Center Campus Jakarta. Eko joined as one of the speakers along with Aar Sumardiono, home-schooling practician and founder of Rumah Inspirasi.

The first speaker, Aar Sumardiono, shared his experiences on how his family use game as a learning media. Before playing with the kids, he set some rules such as the type of game, duration and also review the game after finish playing. By playing with the kids and reviewing the game together at the end, kids can learn how to turn their consumptive behavior into productive behavior.

Eko became the second speaker and talked about the benefits of using games as a learning tool. Eko emphasized on 4 freedom of play and how it can be implemented during learning session using games. The game session will not only help kids to learn better but also help to tighten parent and kids bond.

More than 25 parents joined the event and tried several board games that Manikmaya Games team brought such as The Festivals, Mashup Monsters, Get Egg, Bhinneka and Mat Goceng. After the play session, parents were introduced to Game-Based Learning Canvas as a tool to help parent choose the right game and discover the learning points inside the game.

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Seminar Mengoptimalkan Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga

Siaran Pers
Seminar Mengoptimalkan Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga

Dalam perayaan Hari Anak Nasional tanggal 23 Juli 2017 lalu Presiden Joko Widodo menekankan pentingnya proses belajar untuk menggapai masa depan yang lebih baik, di sisi lain Presiden juga mengingatkan agar anak-anak untuk bermain dan melakukan berbagai aktivitas positif. Apa yang Presiden sampaikan menyiratkan sebuah pesan bahwa proses belajar dan bermain adalah sebuah proses yang sama pentingnya.

Hal senada juga tertulis dalam laporan khusus the Canadian Council on Learning yang menyatakan bahwa: “Play nourishes every aspect of children’s development – it forms the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life. Play ‘paves the way for learning’”. Dengan kata lain bermain menjadi sebuah proses yang sangat penting, bahkan menjadi pondasi penting untuk mendukung proses belajar yang berkelanjutan.

Jika proses bermain adalah hal yang penting dan mampu menjadi pondasi proses belajar yang berkelanjutan, maka game tentu memiliki potensi untuk juga mendukung proses belajar yang berkelanjutan. Lalu bagaimana sebenarnya kita bisa mengoptimalkan potensi game sekaligus proses bermain sebagai media belajar? Mungkinkan kita bisa optimalkan potensi game untuk memotivasi proses belajar interaktif di tengah keluarga? Dua pertanyaan ini yang akan coba dibahas dalam sebuah seminar keluarga dengan tema: Mengoptimalkan Potensi Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga.

Aar Sumardiono, seorang praktisi home schooling sekaligus juga founder rumah inspirasi dan Eko Nugroho, Game Designer dari Kummara Game design & consultant studio akan berbagi berbagai sudut pandang mereka terkait tema tersebut di atas. “Bayangkan jika setiap keluarga bisa rutin bermain bersama 1-2 jam setiap minggu. Pada saat yang sama, aktivitas bermain tersebut juga dioptimalkan sebagai sebuah proses belajar, mengeksplorasi banyak nilai-nilai baik, sekaligus juga hadirkan kebanggaan akan Indonesia – maka saya percaya banyak hal baik yang bisa kita hadirkan.” ujar Eko terkait harapannya dari pelaksanaan seminar ini.

Seminar ini akan dilaksanakan di ruang 310 Binus University International JWC Campus Jl. Hang Lekir I no 6 pada hari Sabtu 29 Juli 2017 mulai pukul 09.00 dan terbuka untuk umum. Info dan pendaftaran: Ade Hady (087885769820) atau via

Seminar ini didukung penuh oleh Kummara, Manikmaya Games, Boardgame.Id komunitas Jelajah Langit Biru, Kode Margonda, Gamelab – Computer Science Program Bina Nusantara University, dan Asosiasi Pegiat Industri Board Game Indonesia.

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Minimalism in Board Game Design

This month’s sharing session is a bit different because we broadcast our session live on Kummara’s Facebook Page so everyone can watch and learn together. Kummara’s lead designer, Eja, had the honor to shared about minimalism in board game design. Why minimalism become a choice for board game design instead of fancy design or breath-taking illustration?

Eja started his session by explaining the history of minimalism and examples in typography and design. Then he gave some ideas on how minimalism can be implemented in board game design. From implementing silhouette to limiting color palette in the game. To end the session, Eja shared the pros and cons of minimalist design in board game.

You can read Eja’s sharing session material below:

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Creating Healthcare Campaign Using Stop Motion

Kummara team consist of Eko, Rio and Augi were invited to join Community & Health Oriented Programme class in Faculty of Medicince of Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA). The team shared how to create a creative healthcare campaign and deliver it effectively using social media.

Eko opened the session by introducing some campaign related to healthcare and why it’s important to engage the audience. After that, Rio shared how to deliver a message effectively, starting from a big idea and break it down to a smaller message that gives impact to the audience. Next, Augi shared how to optimize social media to deliver content, from identifying target audience until using the right hashtag.

At the end of the session, Eko challenged the students to create a stop motion video to promote healthcare as a part of the gamification process. The topics ranged from disaster mitigation, communicable disease until vaccination. For a week, they will promote their post and create a report on how their post can engage the audience in promoting healthcare.

You can read Rio and Augi’s sharing material below:

Here are some of the stop-motion videos created by the students:

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Boardgame Workshop for Pelopor Integritas

At the end of May, Brendan invited as a speaker for “Pelopor Integritas: Remaja Berkarya, Bangkit Bersama Melawan Korupsi” workshop held by Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission. 33 high school students from Bogor was chosen to participate and they will become Pelopor Integritas or integrity pioneer agent.

For 2 days, the students learned about spreading anticorruption using different media such as comic, film and board game. The first session was “Growing Anticorruption Culture through Boardgame” where the students tried anticorruption board game Terajana.

After the game session, “How to Start Design a Board Game: Re-design Board Game” workshop conducted by Brendan. He shared about game design and the potential of game for learning purpose. After the brief presentation, the students were challenged to re-design snake-and-ladder board game and incorporated it with anticorruption learning material. The students showed their enthusiasm and the results were very creative. Hopefully through the workshop, the students were motivated to create more board games with positive impact in the future.

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