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Gaming Literacy 101

As a part of Festival Bandung Mendongeng 2017 event, Seminar Literasi Warna Warni Literasi Anak was held on November 11th and featured academics and experts in children’s literary world. Eko became one of the speakers and shared about how to optimize board game as a new literacy and learning media.

Eko started his session by playing one round of Werewolf with the participants. From only one round of Werewolf, Eko emphasized on how a game can lead players’ imagination to a different setting. This can be treated as the first step to increase literacy skill.

A game is a closed, formal system where players can do anything inside the game without have to worry because of freedom of play in game environment. It means that parent can do any kind of learning process with game by not only having learning points inside the game but also during the process of play session itself.

You can read more about Eko’s session material below:

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Building Trust and Tolerance at Boardgame For Peace Bandung

The first Boardgame For Peace workshop was held at Bandung on October 28th 2017. For 2 days, 60 participants from high school and university students gathered to learn about peace and tolerance also how to spread it in their community.

On the second day of the workshop, Rio led the whole game session. Every participant received “Galaxy Obscurio”, a board game created by Peace Generation Indonesia with support from Kummara. Rio started the session by briefly explaining about board game and using it for a greater purpose. Then all the participants, in groups, played the game with facilitators.

After the play session, every participant reflected on their play session and what learning points that they can take. After Rio gave a bit of briefing on how to use game as a learning tool effectively, participants were given a mission to play “Galaxy Obscurio” with different people near the workshop location.

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Ignite Business Innovation Through “Business Craft”

At Festival Saudagar Nusantara 2017 event held at Sentul International Convention Center, “Business Craft” was tried for the public for the first time. “Business Craft” is a board game about business innovation and Kummara collaborates with CIAS Business Innovation Consulting in creating this game.

Coach Indrawan Nugroho from CIAS Business Innovation Consulting led the session which attended by more than 65 people. For 2 hours, players must compete to grow their business and pick the right innovation for their products to gain customers and dominate the market. Through this game, players are encouraged to make the best decision for their business to gain more profit.

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Achieving Good Governance with Board Game

Rio and Andre joined as board game coaches for Pendidikan Pengembangan Wawasan Keulamaan (PPWK) workshop held by Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission earlier this month. This workshop was attended by 41 representatives from PB Nahdlatul Ulama who were very enthusiast to spread insights about preventing corruption in Indonesia.

The young NU kiai were equipped with learning materials about Islam and nationality, Fikih Tawassuth and Tasamuh in building peace and no corruption in Indonesia, and also the procedure of developing NU as social movement. In one of their session, the participants played “Mau Dibantu?” board games as a way to learn about good governance.

Before playing the game, Rio explained about the game and its rule. Players act as state civil apparatus and need to complete the documents request from citizen. During the game, players need to be aware of someone who wants to disturb the process.

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An Overview of Game-Based Learning and Gamification at HighScope Indonesia Conference

Earlier this month, Eko was invited as one of the presenters at HighScope Indonesia 7th Annual Conference event. The event was held at Sekolah HighScope Indonesia – T.B. Simatupang and featured innovative yet creative speakers and presenters to help teachers and school staffs develop student’s new skills and reach their potential.

In his session, Eko shared to HighScope teachers and staffs his experience in designing games to enhance the learning process. The session also discussed the new perspective on games and its potentials, especially related to classroom activities and learn through play. The audience was introduced to the concept of using games as main learning media or known as Game-Based Learning approach, which is proven able to enhance the whole learning experience. Eko also explained briefly the concept and overview of gamification in the education sector, and how we can optimize game (and gamification concept) to make significant impacts.

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Invitation to Play at Boardgame For Peace Workshop for Facilitator

As a continuation of the workshop that was held last month, Peace Generation Indonesia created “Boardgame For Peace” project for high school and college students to become agents of peace. The project aims to promote peace and tolerance message by using “Galaxy Obscurio” board game created by Peace Generation Indonesia with support from Kummara. Before the project starts officially, the facilitators had their training first in Bandung.

There were about 15 facilitators who came from different cities: Bandung, Jakarta, Padang, Surabaya, Solo and Makassar. At the second day of the project, Eko along with Rio and Augi gave a full day workshop about board game. Eko gave a brief explanation and shared some examples of how board game can be used for greater good. Then, facilitator got a chance to try “Galaxy Obscurio” and list all the learning points about peace and tolerance from the game. After the play session, Eko briefed the facilitators on how to use board game for learning and conduct an effective game-based learning session.

“Boardgame For Peace” project will be held in 5 cities: Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Padang and Makassar from October 2017 until January 2018.

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Ngummara with Expert, Jonathan Sean

For Ngummara with Expert in October, Kummara team went to Yes Ice Please, a unique gelato and sorbet store in Lengkong Besar. There, we met Jonathan, one of its founders to learn more about desserts.

Yes Ice Please opened in 2016, but Jonathan already started trying to make his own gelato in 2014. At that time, gelato still not that known and he decided to create the trend, but since the gelato maker machine was expensive, Jonathan decided to make his own machine. But now, he and his team created all the gelato by hand. Thus created a different texture compared with machine-made gelato. Jonathan also shared the stories behind gelato and sorbet. Do you know that ice cream, gelato and sorbet are all different?

Another factor that makes Yes Ice Please unique is their flavor choice. They serve ordinary flavors such as mango, kiwi and blueberry, to unique flavors like chocolate chili, lavender, and Pringles. Because they don’t use additives and essence for their products, the flavors really depend on the taste of the fruit itself. We tasted several flavors and we would love to taste more!

From Jonathan’s story, we learned that any obstacles ahead should not stop us from innovating. Also, creativity should always be practiced to create something unique and different from others. Thank you Jonathan for the stories and the gelato!

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Play and Learn Using Boardgame With Family in Bandung

After Jakarta, Bandung became the host city for “Optimizing Game Potential as Learning Tool for Family” (Mengoptimalkan Potensi Game Sebagai Media Belajar Seluruh Keluarga) seminar. Hold by Kummara and Rumah Inspirasi, the event took place at House of Shafira, Sulanjana. Eko together with Aar Sumardiono, home-schooling practician and founder of Rumah Inspirasi, became the speakers.

The first speaker, Aar Sumardiono, shared his experiences on how his family use game as a learning media. Kids need to be motivated to turn their consumptive behavior into productive behavior. Few rules can be set by parents before playing, such as the type of game, duration and also review the game after finish playing. After reviewing, parents can explain about the game to motivate the kids to learn more.

As the second speaker, Eko shared the benefits of using games as a learning tool. As an example, he went back to 1903 when Elizabeth Magie created The Landlord’s Game to teach Georgism to her students, which then inspired the famous Monopoly board game. Then Eko emphasized on 4 freedom of play and how it can be implemented during learning session using games which not only help kids to learn better but also help to tighten parent and kids bond.

After lunch break, participants were given a chance to tried various board games from Manikmaya Games such as The Festivals, Aquatico, Get Egg, Bhinneka and the unpublished Buto Ijo & Timun Mas. After the play session, parents were introduced to Game-Based Learning Canvas as a tool to help parent choose the right game and discover the learning points inside the game. They identified learning points from the game and parent can choose which learning points they want to focus during a play session with their kids.

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Introducing Board Game at TEDxBandung Ngariung

Kummara team was invited by TEDxBandung Organizer as a workshop facilitator at TEDxBandung Ngariung. The theme for the event was Warisan or legacy, which all the speakers and facilitator have created creative works throughout their journey. Kummara had the opportunity to introduce board game to the participants through workshop session.

The participants played MashUp Monsters and Pipoya Get Egg to feel the experience and excitement during playing board game. After brief explanations about boardgame, game mechanism and design, Brendan challenged the participants to modify the gameplay using the same game.

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Supporting Peace and Tolerance With Board Game

Kummara was invited by Peace Generation to discuss the potential of board game to support peace and tolerance campaign. Attended by volunteers and mentors from Peace Generation, Eko shared how board game can be used to delivers positive stories, changes, and impacts.

All the participants started the session by playing board games, coached by Kummara team, to help them understand the basic of game design. Then, the participants tried to create their own board games related to peace and tolerance, conflict management and accepting diversity.

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