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Discover The Potential of Game For Education at #NgobrolGame Depok

Earlier this month, Eko joined #NgobrolGame session at Code Margonda, Depok. #NgobrolGame is an event from Ludere Nusantara (Ludenara) collaborating with Code Margonda as their partner in Depok to encourage discussion about game and its implementation in education sector in Indonesia.

Attended by more than 20 participants, they shared their opinion about game and asked some questions related to it. Some participants also shared their experience in using game for education in their family and school. Through the session, Eko also emphasized the importance of playing as a part of learning process for children. At the end of session, 2 participants were selected as PlayTime host and will conduct PlayTime sessoin in Depok.

The second #NgobrolGame will be held in Bandung, March 10 2018.

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The Launching of Aquatico Board Game

On February 23rd, Marine Ecosystem Game-based Learning Session was held at CTC Center for Marine Conservation, Sanur, Bali. The event also a part of Aquatico board game launching and was attended by 40 participants.

Aquatico, developed in collaboration between Coral Triangle Center, Kummara and Manikmaya Games, aims to tackle key concepts such as interconnectedness amongst ecosystems and the value of working together to protect the environment and make these concepts understandable to varied audiences.

“Our hope is that we can bring Aquatico to every home in Indonesia and even all over the world, so every family can deliver a little bit of motivation to our younger generation to help save the environment together,” said Eko Nugroho, CEO of Kummara.

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Spread the Message of Peace and Tolerance at Boardgame For Peace Padang

Continuing Boardgame For Peace project in 2017, this year Boardgame for Peace started in Padang. Joined by 60 participants from high school and university students, this 2-days workshop shared about the importance of peace and tolerance, also on how to spread the message to more youth as they will become the agent of peace.

Rio joined on the second day of the workshop to introduced “Galaxy Obscurio”, a board game created by Peace Generation Indonesia and supported by Kummara, to all the participants. He also explained about board game in general and its positive impact in different areas. Then Rio led the game session where all the participants played “Galaxy Obscurio” with their own group.

Participants were given a mission to play “Galaxy Obscurio” with as many people as they meet around workshop location. They also need to share the message about peace and tolerance after they play the game together.

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Understanding Mental Health and Depression through “Carpe Diem” Playtest Session

“Carpe Diem” is a board game developed by Kummara and Faculty of Medicine Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA) team also supported by Institute of Mental Health Singapore, aiming to raise youth awareness about mental health and depression. Last November, Kummara held the first playtest session and this month we continue to hold the second playtest session.

This playtest session was attended by 24 medical students from UNISBA. They were divided into groups of 3 and each group represents 1 character. For about 1 hour, they need to support each other to overcome bad days, such as got into a traffic accident, broke up with their boyfriend/relationship or dropped out of school. If one of them cannot survive the day, they will get a depression card, which will make their days even harder. They also can seek help from professional and experts to consult so that they can survive the day.

After the session, all the participants shared the learning points that they get from the game. We were happy to see that after the game session, they became more aware about depression and willing to help their friend when in needs.

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Working Memory Game for ADHD Children

Kummara collaborates with the Gamelab Team Computer Science Program of Binus International and Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo (National Hospital of Cipto Mangunkusumo) lead by dr. Tjhin Wiguna to creates Permainan Memori untuk Anak-Anak (Memory Games for Children).

The game is designed to help improving working memory of children with ADHD symptoms. The core gameplay is focused on pick and delivery concept where a player needs to deliver several items to several places. It provides variations in clue in form of visual, sound, and combining both. The initial game (design) concept is provided by Kummara team with Brendan Satria as Lead Game Designer and developed by the Binus Gamelab team lead by Mr. Raymond Bahana.

The initial research program has completed by involving students from several elementary schools in Jakarta and has provided positive results also significant impacts of the game as intervention media. We are really proud to see that one of our collaboration projects has proven to have a positive impact.

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Sharing Session with Gameloft Indonesia

While spending his Winter Time in Yogyakarta, Eko had a chance to meet Gameloft Indonesia team. In front of Gameloft team, Eko shared about Kummara and the concept behind board games.

Eko started his sharing session by sharing what he and Kummara team believe, that game can make a change and bring positive impacts. He talked about how Kummara started and when people still relate game with addiction and violence. As Kummara grows and creates more products, more people start to believe in the potential of game. Not only board game, but also for serious games and gamification. After the sharing session, the QnA session was packed with questions about game design process and ideas in developing game.

Up until this year, board game industry keeps on growing. Currently, there are 16 local publishers and 12 board game cafe and libraries in Indonesia with more than 20 titles of local board games. This growth hopefully can bring a change in creative industry in Indonesia and also bring more positive impact and message.

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ThinkLog: Interactive Learning for Supply Chain Management

“ThinkLog: Interactive Learning for Supply Chain Management” paper was presented at IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2017 on December 12-14 2017 at The Education University of Hong Kong, Tai Po, Hong Kong. ThinkLog, an expandable interactive learning framework board game, is develop by Kummara and The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific – National University Singapore.

ThinkLog was developed to facilitate learning on Supply Chain Management. It serves as a face-to-face interactive learning tool that can be expanded to cover variations of scenarios. After three interactive sessions with government officials in Indonesia, ThinkLog was effective in deepening the players’ understanding of Supply Chain Management concepts.

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Understanding Conflict and Avoiding Prejudice at Boardgame For Peace Surabaya

The third Boardgame For Peace workshop was held last week in Surabaya. 58 participants from high school and university students joined in 2 days workshop held by Peace Generation to become agent of peace by learning about peace and tolerance.

On the second day of the workshop, Augi lead the session. Before trying “Galaxy Obscurio”, a board game created by Peace Generation Indonesia and supported by Kummara, Augi explained briefly about boardgame and it’s potential to spread positive message. Then, all the participants played the game led by their facilitators.

After the play session, participants shared their feelings during the play session and learning points that they get from the game. Most of them shared about conflicts in the game and how to resolve it and also teamwork to achieve the goal. Augi concluded the learning points and shared some tips on how to make a play session engaging and bring the learning points afterwards. Participants then given a mission to play “Galaxy Obscurio” with as many as people they can at different public spaces around workshop location.

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Logistics and Warehouse Management Through Board Game

Kummara presented a game session for leaders and experts from government and affiliated organizations involved in urban logistics and transportation management operations for “Urban Logistics & Land Transportation Management Workshop” in Makassar. This 3-days workshop organized by National University of Singapore and Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs with the support of Temasek Foundation International.

Eko led the game session where participants played an expandable interactive learning framework board game which is a result of joint collaboration between Kummara and TLIAP-NUS. By implementing MCDM/A (Multi-Criteria Decision Making/Analysis), players can make the best decision regarding their warehouse location using different parameters, such as distance, congestion, and warehouse cost. For 2 hours, participants which divided int groups were actively involved in the game and competed to be the best players.

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Entering the Startup Universe Through Boardgaming

Eko was invited at CATGEIST Vol. 1 “Entering the Startup Universe Through Boardgaming” held at Code Margonda, Depok. This event aims to introduce boardgames as a tool and experimental platform to try out ideas for a startup. Aside from gaming, board games can be used as a media to learn on how to build and maintain startups for enthusiasts or for those who interested in the dynamics of startup.

Before starting his presentation, Eko asked the audience to play reverse werewolf games where all the audience became the werewolf and need to find humans who enter the werewolf village. This session not only worked as an icebreaker but also to give a chance for the audience to imagine that in startup industry there will be a lot of changes happen without notice and we need to be ready for it.

Eko started his presentation by introducing the history of boardgame and the positive impact of playing. Eko also reminded the audiences that a well-design board game can deliver a strong message when we play it seriously. Board games can also give us a new perspective and become problem-solving tools for problems around us.

After the presentation session, audience tried various boardgames including from Indonesia. Business Craft, board game created by Kummara and CIAS Business Innovation Consulting about business innovation also presented in the event.

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