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GameLab STAGE: 01

GameLab STAGEPhoto credit: Binus University International


The GameLab is officially launched on March 17, 2016. Taking place at Binus University International, fX Sudirman Campus, the first GameLab event called “GameLab STAGE:01” was held and attracted more than 60 attendees. GameLab STAGE is an event to promote discussions on research and development of games in Indonesia through collaborations from academicians, industries, governments and communities, as the word STAGE stands for “Seminar, Talk, and Gathering Event”.

Our CEO, Eko Nugroho, who also the GameLab Principal Researcher, became one of the speaker for the event. He talked about how games can be used to solve problems in the society, for example to teach anti-corruption in school or promote health education. Another speakers that present in the event were Dr. Yaya Heryadi (Head of GameLab and Principal Researcher), Ismail Fahmi, Ph.D. (Indonesia One Search initiator), Dr. Wawan Rusiawan (Research Director of Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency/Bekraf) and Firstman R. Marpaung, (Developer Relation Manager for Software & Services Group-Intel SEA of Intel Corporation).

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Storytelling and Design in Sharing Day

Sharing Day Maret

This month’s Sharing Day had 2 different yet interesting stories. The first session was by Eko who shared about User-Centered Design and how to implement it in game design while Eja shared about his experience during Storytelling Sketch workshop in second session.

Eko first talked about general interaction frameworks in game, from the maker/core to the user through output and input. To create a game that suitable for the user, there are 3 principles of design to follow: Early Focus on Users and Tasks, Empirical Measurement, and Iterative Design. Designer must understand who the user will be by directly studying their characteristics. In early development process, users should use simulations and prototypes to do the real work and their performance will be analyzed. When problems are found during user testing process, it needs to be fixed or redesign.

Eja joined a workshop held by Sheila Rooswitha Putri, who works as storyboard artist in various film productions such as Arisan and BBB. Eja told us about how to make a strong impression for a comic character through its silhouette and gesture so it can be easily recognized. He also shared us about how to create an unique story through expanding the comic panel and also by making the opening/ending scene first.

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Coral Triangle Center Workshop


Earlier this month, Eko and Brendan went to Bali to have a workshop with the Coral Triangle Center (CTC). The Coral Triangle Center is an Indonesian foundation that invests in people, with the goal of enabling local communities through out the six countries of the Coral Triangle region, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor Leste, to effectively manage their marine resources.

The workshop talked about how CTC create awareness about coral reefs in Coral Triangle region and how to use games to educate people about coastal and marine ecosystems in fun way.

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Android Dev, UX/UI Designer, & Graphic Designer


Kummara membuka kesempatan untuk bergabung dan bermain bersama keluarga besar Kummara dalam posisi-posisi berikut:

Android Developer

  • Pengalaman kerja minimal 1 tahun
  • Menguasai pembuatan mobile game/aplikasi android client – server
  • Menguasai Unity

UI/UX Designer

  • Pengalaman kerja minimal 1 tahun atau lebih dalam UX Design untuk web atau software
  • Kemampuan untuk membuat low-fi dan hi-fi wireframe
  • Portofolio yang menunjukkan pengalaman di bidang UX dan UI
  • Kemampuan komunikasi verbal dan tertulis
  • Pengetahuan tentang front-end: HTML / CSS / Javascript / dll
  • Mampu menggunakan Adobe CS (Photoshop dan Illustrator) dan Sketch

Graphic Designer (Internship)

  • Familiar dengan WordPress Theme Design

Silahkan kirimkan CV, portfolio, dan foto dengan wajah gembira ke email

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Sharing Day: March Edition

Sharing Day in March will be held on Tuesday, March 15th 2016 at 10 AM with 2 speakers: Eko (our CEO) and Eja (our Lead Illustrator). Eko will share about User-Centered Design and Eja will share his Storytelling Sketch workshop experience.

User-Centered Design (UCD) is an approach that focus on users and can be measured empirically using prototypes and iterative design. Through his sharing, Eko will talk about 5 categories of design activities that applies in UCD and how to implement it in game design.

Storytelling Sketch workshop is a workshop held by Sheila Rooswitha Putri from Bandung Sketchwalk. This workshop is a part of her sketch exhibition “Dunia Sebelum Komik” (A World Before Comic) that held in Galeri Kolase.

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Meeting with Indonesia Creative Economy Agency

Meeting Bekraf

As founding member of GAMELAB, Eko (our CEO) together with the GAMELAB team (Mr. Bayu and Mr. Raymond Bahana) have been invited by the Indonesia Creative Economy Agencvy (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif/Bekraf) to discuss about the possibility to create a comprehensive and integrated mapping of Indonesia creative economy. Based on his experience in the Indonesia game industry and also his past involvement in creating the creative economy blue print, Eko explained his view and some ideas how the agency can create an effective mapping process. The discussion also have sparked some idea for the GAMELAB research. It is an honor to be part of this process and we are looking forward for the next follow-up.

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Eko (our CEO) together with Binus International team are initiating a GAMELAB, the first research center that focus on game research and its implementation in different fields (applied/serious game). The GAMELAB aim is to produce high quality research in game and bring new perspective for the implementation and the development of Indonesia gaming Industry. Supported by enthusiasts team, we are optimist that the GAMELAB will bring new flavor for the research and development of Indonesia game Industry.

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KPK Game Design Workshop

KPK Game Workshop

On February 17-19th 2016, Kummara held an exclusive game design workshop for Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). For 3 days, participants learn about how to create game through game design process and implementing game for anti-corruption education. Before going to the serious side of the workshop, participants played several board games to know more about board games, the mechanism and excitement also how to implement it in anti-corruption campaign.

During the workshop, participants were asked to create a prototype game with anti-corruption theme. Kummara team became the facilitator to optimize the game design. At the end of the workshop, 9 board game prototypes about anti-corruption were created and presented by the participants.

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Ngummara with Expert, Jodi Handoyo

NWE Jodi

For our February edition of Ngummara with Expert, we invited an expert in film and tv music scoring. He is Jodi Handoyo, a composer, songwriter and arranger. One of his work is Garuda Rider: The Adventure of Wanara animation film.

Mas Jodi first told us about his story when learn music in United States and how the industry situation in early 2000. Then he compared how the industry has changed now, for example the way to record song or the tools to create scoring. He also shared how to create music and scoring that completes the whole film.

From Mas Jodi we got new information about the purpose of music and scoring in movie. Music is not only additional, but it also creates ambiance, movement and personal identity. Mas Jodi gave us some example of film composer that create an impactful scoring the movie viewers, such as The Dark Night’s Hans Zimmer and Gravity’s Steven Price.

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Sharing Idea in Sharing Day

Sharing Day Feb

This February, we held our first Sharing Day in Kummara HQ. In this session, everyone can share any idea or knowledge to another for 1 hour. For the first session, Mas Eko shared about Holistic Game Design.

Mas Eko shared about many ways to design a game. As a game designer, we can start making game from its gameplay or theme. But the most important thing is the game should motivate people and player can create their own experience or story. To achieve that purpose, we as game designer should remember to create a game as a whole experience.

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