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Boardgame Alley at Pasar Komik Bandung 2016

Board Game Alley

Among many comics that showed in Pasar Komik Bandung 2016, there is one special area to showcase local board game. This area was organized by Board Game Alley, a collaboration between board game publisher in Indonesia. Kummara’s publishing unit, Manikmaya Games, initiated Board Game Alley and invited few publishers to join for the first event.

Beside their main line-up such as Mat Goceng and Mash Up Monsters, Manikmaya Games also brought their newest game, Keris Tanding”, a collaboration with comic artist Sweta Kartika. They also bring “The Festivals of Indonesia” prototype for playtest session. With Board Game Alley, we hope that board game industries will grow even more in the future.

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Ngummara With Expert, Rahsa Nusantara


For this month’s Ngummara with Expert session, we invited Pak Kresna and Bu Ayu from Rahsa Nusantara. Rahsa Nusantara is a jamu brand started in 2012 and now based in Bandung. They made jamu by order and served some variations such as Beras Kencur, Jahe Rempah and Kunyit Asam.

Usually, our expert will share their expertise to Kummara team using presentation. But this time, Pak Kresna and Bu Ayu gave us a demonstration how to make jamu from scratch. We made Bir Pletok, a traditional drink of ethnic Betawi (non-alcoholic, despite the name), step-by-step. While waiting for our drink to be ready, we asked a lot to Pak Kresna and Bu Ayu about jamu and their entrepreneurship experience.

We learned that we have lots of things to learn about Indonesian culture. Their entrepreneurship spirit also inspires us to do better in every work we do.

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Aquatico: Tragedy of Commons

CTC test

Last week, Eko and Eja went to Bali to have a meeting with Coral Triangle Center. After “Aquatico”, now Kummara and CTC collaborate to make a new board game about sea conservation, called “Aquatico: Tragedy of Commons” (temporary title).

“Aquatico: Tragedy of Commons” is a board game about sea conservation where each of the player acts as a fisherman. This game can also be a learning tool for the kids to learn about the effect of overfishing. In the first playtest with CTC, we get many advise on how to optimize the game for a better learning and playing experience.

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Game Music and Audio Talk at IN.GAME 2016


Tian from Monkey Melody, Kummara’s unit for game music and sound, was invited to be one of the speaker for DevTalk at IN.GAME 2016 (Indonesia Indie Game Festival) last week. Together with Minstrels (Indonesian Video Game Composer), Tian shared about the function of music and audio to enhance gaming experience.

In the same event too, Universo: Gaia, a collaboration project between Monkey Melody and Serigala Amatir received IN.GAME Award 2016 for Best Game Audio.

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Creating Healthy Life in Indonesia with Pencerah Nusantara

Pencerah Nusantara

On Friday, Kummara and Nutrifood gave workshop about health for Pencerah Nusantara team. Pencerah Nusantara is a social movement based on the spirit to strengthen Indonesia’s primary healthcare system for all citizens. Young doctors, dentists, nurses, and everyone who interested in public health can join and for one year they will be placed in primary healthcare centers in various locations in Indonesia, to re-orient of the primary healthcare system’s role towards a nation with a healthy paradigm.

Kummara’s CEO, Eko, gave a workshop about “Bringing Healthy Play to Indonesia”. He emphasized that game can be one way to teach health education for kids. For example, “Hansel and Gretel” and “Live Longer” created by Nutrifood from out Nutrifood Gamify Workshop are 2 board games that teach the player about healthy lifestyle. At the end of the workshop, Pencerah Nusantara team tried to play “Hansel and Gretel” and “Live Longer” together .

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Playday: Teamwork

Playday April

On the third Saturday in each month, Manikmaya Games, one of Kummara’s unit, held Playday session which open for public. Every month, there will be a theme and all the board games that can be play during Playday are matched with the theme. For April edition of Playday, the theme is Teamwork.

Some of the board games that are ready to play were classic co-op game such as Pandemic and Flash Point, and also newly released game such as Mysterium, Escape and and Forbidden Island. Through Playday, Manikmaya Games want to make board games to be known to people in Bandung that’s why they always hold Playday in cafe. We in Kummara also hope that everyone can enjoy Playday, from youngster to family with kids.

So, are you ready for the next Playday?

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Anti-Corruption Playday

Playday KPK

The Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to look for innovations in a campaign to eradicate corruption in Indonesia. One of the efforts is by exploring a learning model which uses board games. “Board games are not only for fun, but also part of learning foundations,” said the KPK’s spokesman of Public Relation Yuyuk Andriati Iskak as written in a press release by KPK.

KPK considers playing as the most joyful and effective way to learn and educate regardless of age and for that reason, KPK has developed anti-corruption board games for a wide range of segments. Therefore, KPK launch Anti-Corruption Board Games Playday on April 15th 2016 at the KPK’s Auditorium which include play session of the board games. The 7 board games are Terajana, Keranjang Bolong, CSI: Pelajar Hebat, Politrik, Kesatria, It’s My Business and D’Hospital.

These board games were the created by Anti-Corruption Learning Centre (ACLC) Direktorat Pendidikan dan Pelayanan Masyarakat (Dikyanmas) as the result of Game Design Workshop by Kummara that held on February. During 3 days of workshop, Mas Eko, Rio and Brendan from Kummara taught the participants how to create game through game design process and implementing game for anti-corruption education in many sectors. Kummara team also became the facilitator to optimize the game design for the prototype games created by all the participants.

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Ngummara With Expert, Padepokan Ragasukma

NWE April

Usually we have 1 expert for our monthly Ngummara with Expert, but for this month we invited 2 experts. They are Sweta Kartika and Toto from Padepokan Ragasukma, a local comic studio specialized in silat genre. Padepokan Ragasukma first established in 2014 by Alex Irzaqi and Sweta Kartika, and one of their earliest work is “Pendekar Tongkat Emas – Lembah Angin” which adapted from the movie “Pendekar Tongkat Emas”.

Mas Sweta and Mas Toto talked about the importance of implementing local culture in creating a Intellectual Property (IP). Mas Sweta said that Sanrio, the creator of Hello Kitty, is a great example of how to create an IP that recognizable by everyone. There are two ways to create a strong IP: Universe-based IP and Character-based IP. Character-based IP is the easiest and the most popular way but Universe-based IP offers more diverse story no matter who the character is. But no matter what, the most important thing is to create an enjoyable experiment for the user through the IPs.

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Transmedia Literature and Stereoscopic in Sharing Day

Sharing Day April

2 speakers of this month’s Sharing Day, Andre and Rio, have a super interesting title for their sessions. Andre’s session was about “Transmedia Non-Fictional Book to Board Game: Case Study of Il Principe” while Rio’s session was about “Visual Manipulation and Its Implementation Through Stereoscopic Technique”. Both have 30 – 60 minutes to share about it to the team.

Andre is the first one and he shared about how a board game can be created based on non-fictional book. Il Principe, released in 2005 by AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH, is a board game set during Renaissance in Italy where each player will compete in an auction to create buildings in the city and the player with the most Victory Points will win. While the board game consists of 3 factors: building, profession and map, the book covered a more comprehensive detail on acquisition, preservation, and use of political power. After the sharing, we conclude that critical thinking is needed to understand the context when we want to do transmedia from non-fictional source to board game.

In the second session, Rio showed us his own creation of cardboard viewer. He shared about how stereoscopic works using the cardboard viewer he made. We also got to know the difference between the anaglyph 3D glasses with blue and cyan lens and polarized 3D glasses that we use now in cinema. After Rio’s session, somehow we were intrigued to create a board game using visual manipulation and 3D effects. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

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Preparation for KPK Internal Playday

Meeting Binus

Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Kummara will have an internal playday on April 15th 2016. The 9 games about anti-corruption that were created as a prototype during Game Design Workshop on February now are ready to test and play together.

GAMELAB team from BINUS International will also support this event. And as the first step, Rio had an initial coordination meeting with GAMELAB team yesterday. We are all excited to play the game and learn more about how to prevent corruption in daily life.

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