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“Light The Mind”, Game-Based Learning To Enhance Mental Health Literacy in Kupang

Universitas Islam Bandung (UNISBA), School of Public Health and Community Medicine – University of New South Wales (SPHCM-UNSW) and Kummara initiated “Light The Mind” program, a series of event to raise the awareness of public, especially in Kupang, about mental health. It consists of Focus Group Discussion, Training of Trainers and Workshop using board game as the learning media for 3 days.

More than 70 participants joined the program, from high school students, teachers, and local government officials. 30 of them were trained as facilitators for the workshop. Through interactive learning session, participants got to learn about mental health and understanding different aspects of mental health, especially depression, using “Carpe Diem” board game. In “Carpe Diem”, players will face hard days and help from other players might needed to overcome the day. Otherwise, they will get depression card and their days will be harder in the future.

This program is a pilot event from continuous research plan in developing learning media and process for mental health education that hopefully can be implemented nationwide. This program is supported by Australian Government through Australian Alumni Grant Scheme administrated by Australia Awards in Indonesia.

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Improving Communication Skill with Board Game

Kummara and Akademi Training held “Speak To Change: Game-Based Learning Program” in Jakarta. Speak To Change is a program to prepare and train effective communication skill by Akademi Training. For this program, Kummara and Akademi Training collaborate to present Speak To Change boardgame to accompany the session (game-based learning).

This training session was held for 2 days and attended by 25 participants. Jamil Azzaini (Inspirator Sukses Mulia) started the session by explaining the importance of effective communication skill for training/mentoring/coaching. After that, Eko began the game-based learning session by playing Speak To Change boardgame.

In the debriefing session, Eko explained how to motivate discussion and active communication using the board game. All the participants were challenged to create a gameplay variation to match their training goal. This is to make sure that the participants can create an effective training using the board game. The gameplay variations then presented and tried within the group to make sure that the gameplay works and can deliver the training subject.

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Creating Board Game to Raise Awareness on Environmental Issue

Environment crisis in Indonesia has become a worldwide news. 17% of the total waste in Indonesia is plastic wastes. To raise the awareness and involvement of the public in environment issue, Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and Ludenara held a game design class called “Kelas Game Design: Hadirkan Peduli Lingkungan dengan Gembira”. This event was held on August 11-12 2018 at Center for Marne Conservation. The participants are not only from environmental observers but also from education practitioner and Non-Government Organization (NGO).

For 2 days, participants were challenged to create a board game that can be used to identify the environmental problem in Indonesia and become learning media on how to solve the problems. On the first day, Rili Djohani from CTC explained about environmental problems in Indonesia and Eko Nugroho from Kummara shared about basic knowledge of game design. After that, participants started to build the concept and idea of their game, from choosing an environmental problem as their main theme to rapid prototyping. At the end of the second day, participants successfully created prototypes of several board games.

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Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Youth with Carpe Diem

“Carpe Diem” is a board game developed by Kummara and Faculty of Medicine Bandung Islamic University (UNISBA) team also supported by Institute of Mental Health Singapore, aiming to raise youth awareness about mental health and depression. Before the final product released, another playtest was held in early August.

This playtest session was attended by 24 UNISBA students from psychology, economy, and medical school. They were split into 2 groups and in each group they were teamed up to represent 1 character. For about 90 minutes, they need to support each other to overcome 6 hard days, such as public sexual harassment, broke up with their boyfriend/relationship or dropped out of school. They need to be aware because their depression symptom can come out anytime. If one of them cannot survive the day, they will get another depression card, which will make their days even harder in the future. They also can seek help from professional and experts to consult to ease the day.

After the session, all the participants shared the learning points that they get from the game. From their story, they became more aware of depression, the importance of understanding mental health state and also willing to help their friend in needs.

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Enchanced Learning of Supply Chain Management with THINKLog

Eko joined as a speaker at “Review and Cascading Workshop: Global View of Urban Transport Management for Education” in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. This event was held by Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Temasek Foundation International, and National University of Singapore. In his session, Eko talked about serious gaming and its potential for enhanced learning of supply chain management.

As a part of “Temasek Foundation International and National University of Singapore Urban Transportation Management Programme in Indonesia”, Kummara and National University of Singapore Urban Transportation Management Programme collaborated and created THINKLog, a special board game designed specifically to help players learn about Supply Chaing Management (SCM) concepts. This game is designed as such that it can be expanded by including more SCM scenarios to learn other specific topics in SCM without changing the basic game structure.

THINKLog has been evaluated through two interactive sessions with senior government officials and supply chain specialists as a part of a three-day workshop focusing on SCM in August 2016 and May 2017. To evaluate the absorption of the learning objectives, players were asked to list down learning points from the game after the play session and then match it with the intended learning objectives of the game. From the players’ feedback, it was confirmed that their learning points are aligned with the intended learning objectives regardless of the scenario used.

In the event, THINKLog was presented by Dr. Robert de Souza, Executive Director of The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific to Dr. Ir. Bambang Adi Winarso, Deputy for Commerce and Industry of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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BTN Gamification Concept Workshop for Risk Culture

As a continuation after Risk Champion Workshop, Bank Tabungan Negara and Kummara held a concept workshop for Risk Culture Festival 2018. Risk Culture Festival 2018 (RCF 2018) is an event held by BTN to challenge the staffs in creating a creative campaign about risk awareness through different media, such as jingle, short movie, risk ambassador movie review and poster.

This workshop held for 2 days and aimed to help BTN team in creating different ideas and methodology to create an effective gamification concept to encourage risk culture awareness in the organization. Eko shared the basic gamification theory and knowledge to the participants. Through the session, participants were encouraged to write various objectives from the event and identify which gamification concept that might be implemented to the event to achieve the objective.

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Business Craft Media Coverage

Ayo Belajar Inovasi Bisnis Lewat Boardgame Business Craft
Warta Kota – 25 May 2018

CIAS bersama Kummara dan Klub lnovator Bisnis menyelenggarakan event BusinessCraft Play-Day, yaitu sebuah aktivitas belajar sambil bermain BusinessCrait secara bersama-sama. Event yang berlangsung, Kamis (24/5/2018) di Mal FX Sudirman, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat, sejak pukul 13.00 hingga 16.00 WIB ini diikuti oleh 150 pemain. Bukan hanya para pelaku UKM dan anggota komunitas bisnis yang bermain, namun juga tim yang mewakili perusahaan-perusahaan besar di lndonesia ikut turut serta.

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Boardgame BusinessCraft Inovasi Bisnis Games Belajar Entrepreneur yang Asik dan Fun
Suara Indo News – 25 May 2018

Lewat sebuah Boardgame, sesi Play Day Business Craft yang diujicobakan untuk mengasah jiwa-jiwa entrepreneur, yang berlangsung (24/5) di fX Sudirman Jakarta, bersama CIAS Kummara dan Klub Inovator Bisnis Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS).
Mereka secara tidak langsung berbagi pengalaman dan juga pengetahuan bisnis sekaligus bagaimana sebuah bisnis dimulai dan digerakkan sebagai roda ekonomi keluarga. Ada modal, ada inovasi, ada peluang, ada momentum dan masih banyak hal yang harus diperhatikan saat memulai atau menjalankan bisnis, jelas Indrawan Nugroho, CEO Corporate Inovation Asia (CIAS).

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Belajar Inovasi Bisnis Lewat Boardgame “Business Craft”
Warta Ekonomi – 24 May 2018

Melalui permainan ini para pelaku usaha dapat belajar prinsip-prinsip kunci terkait strategi membangun dan mengembangkan bisnis dengan cara yang cepat, mudah dan menyenangkan. BusinessCraft dibuat atas kerja sama CIAS dengan Kummara, sebuah perusahaan desain game dari Bandung. “Permainan papan BusinessCraft menghadirkan tingkat engagement yang tinggi (keterlibatan aktif para pemain) dan itu merupakan kunci keberhasilan sebuah proses pembelajaran sehingga dalam waktu 2 jam saja, para pemain dapat menguasai cara mengembangkan bisnis dan memenangkan persaingan,” ungkap CEO Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS), Indrawan Nugroho, di sela-sela aktivitasnya memfasilitasi permainan.

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CIAS Kenalkan Inovasi Bisnis Lewat Boardgame
BreakingNews – 24 May 2018

Satu papan permainan BusinessCraft dapat dimainkan oleh 3 hingga 15 orang. BusinessCraft dapat dimainkan secara mandiri, namun demikian permainan papan ini akan lebih optimal jika dimainkan dengan panduan seorang fasilitator yang bersertifikat dari CIAS dan Kummara. Fasilitator tersebut bukan hanya berperan untuk memandu jalannya permainan, namun juga membantu pemain untuk menemukan poin-poin pembelajaran yang penting, hingga menuangkan hasil pembelajaran tersebut ke dalam bentuk rencana aksi nyata dalam bisnisnya.

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Discover the Potential of Renewable Energy with AKATARA

On May 29-31 2018, Kummara together with HIVOS have conducted a pilot program on implementing game-based learning approach to promote and enhance public awareness of renewable energy. The pilot program consists of two main activities, the training of facilitators (for teacher) and implementation in elementary and junior high schools. The pilot is conducted on Sumba Island, with the involvement of 20 teachers and more than 50 students from several schools in Sumba.

For the purpose of the program, in collaboration with HIVOS, Kummara have designed a special board game entitled “AKATARA”. Akatara means “Energy” in Sanskrit. The game is designed for elementary and junior high school students, but everyone can play and have fun with it. The game intends to trigger our imagination on the potential of renewable energy for greater impact.

AKATARA production is funded through Australia Global Alumni program and HIVOS. Designed and produced by the team from HIVOS and Kummara.

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Achieving Success with Business Innovation at PlayDay Business Craft

On May 24, Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS) with Kummara and Klub Inovator Bisnis held Business Craft Play-Day at fX Sudirman. Attended by 150 participants from various multinational company, small/medium enterprise and business community, all participants were excited to try Business Craft board game.

Business Craft is an innovative business simulation board game with learning materials from “Rise Above the Crowd” book by Indrawan Nugroho. This game can be played with 3-15 players and was designed by Indrawan Nugroho, Eko Nugroho and Isa Akbar. In the game, players own a business and will compete with other players to gain the most profit by the end of the game by planning the strategy and innovation card that can be used to amplify the business.

Before playing the game, Eko briefly explained the game concept to the board game. Then, Eko led the tutorial round for all participants. After the tutorial round, participants played Business Craft board game for total 5 rounds with the help from facilitators. After the play session, the winner from each table then gave their insights about the game and their strategies on how to win the game.

If you are interested in Business Craft, you can buy the game at CIAS Innovation Camp di Jalan Sepat 37A, Kebagusan, Jakarta Selatan or contact Novi at 0857 1808 4475.

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ZAKUMA, A Card Game About Zakat

BAZNAS collaborated with Kummara to present ZAKUMA (Zakat Untuk Umat) card game. The game was first introduced on BAZNAS (Badan Amil Zakat Nasional)’s anniversary this year.

ZAKUMA board game explained the potential of zakat for the prosperity of people. Players are encouraged to work together and help each other in distributing collected zakat to those in needs and also running social program such as education and healthcare. In the game, player who distribute the most zakat or running more programs will win the game.

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