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When Game Taught About Life

Game should be fun when played. People are having a lot of fun when they play some games. If you think deeper, game can brings more positive feedbacks beside the fun. It can teach about winning, not just winning on the game but also in life.

  • Surround yourself with winners, success breeds success. In life, as well as in board games, if you create a group of friends around yourself that have a positive attitude and are driven to perform well and succeed, you are more likely to do the same. In board games, this translates to having a group that is competitive, but keeps the banter friendly and never takes anything too far.
  • Pick your battles. When you want to play game, in a split of second you actually think that you want to beat something and you prepared to do it. For example, you want to play adventure game you should consider that you might lose if meet the boss too early, you need to find strong weapon and armor first. Similarly, in real life, you might have to prioritize things in a bad situation- be sure to take care of the items that will have the biggest impact first. You can clean up smaller messes later.
  • Be gracious, no matter the circumstance. No matter if you’re losing horribly, or if you’ve snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, it is no excuse for being a poor sport. When you win, it’s okay to celebrate, but gloating, rubbing it in someone else’s face, or just going on about it forever will lose you friends. On the flip side, when you get pigeonholed in a competitive game, and there’s no way to come back, don’t sit there and complain or just mentally check out of the game. Play your best in the time left in the game- you owe it to the other players that made a commitment to sit down at the table with you and play.
  • If you don’t win, learn from it. There are times when you’re playing a game, that no matter what strategy you try, it seems like it goes worse than the last one. Don’t just write it off as a bad experience, or say that the game sucks and you won’t play again- learn from it, take notes, and endeavor to play better the next time.
  • Thank the people that helped you get there. This is the important one- win or lose, up or down, when you finish the game and start packing up, stop for a moment, shake their hands, and sincerely thank the people who sat at your table with you. I often catch myself forgetting this, especially in the middle of cons and it makes me feel awful in hindsight. You just spent an hour or more playing with these people. Thank them- for their time, for their trouble, and for anything you may have learned from playing the game with them. It means a lot.
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