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Tips Teaching Board Game to Children

Playing board game with children is fun, but it is also challenging when we have to teach a new board game to them. Here are some tips to teach and play board game with them:

  1. Know well the game. The important thing before we teach board game to children, we have to familiar with the game first. Not many children will happy and patience to watch us reading the rule book.
  2. Tell the interesting part about the game. After we read the rule and get familiar with the game, we can discover the interesting part of the game. Tell it to children when we start playing the game. It will bring their excitement.
  3. Introduce the game components. Before telling the rule, we have to introduce the components and describe its function, so children won’t get confused.
  4. Tell the rule step by step. The best approach to tell the rule is step by step and show it with an example. If you have to teach children under 5 years old, don’t worry about the rules, the important thing is to have fun with them.
  5. Play along! Just play and enjoy the wonderful moment with children.

 Kanty Kusmayanty | @kNugroho

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