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The Next Generation of Board Game

Nowadays technology has been growing rapidly and generating many industries according to it, include game industry. In 2010, video and computer game sales in the United States amounted to 10.1 billion U.S. dollars. If social games, mobile gaming apps and other digital content were included, this number would rise to 15.9 billion U.S. dollars.

How about conventional game industry? Have they survived? In fact, the board game industry has seen double digit growth each of the last few years. Board game and card game are one of many conventional game has survived until this technology era. The strongest factor why board game and card game still exist until now is direct playing experiences with other player.

If we realize that the strongest factor of board game can’t be found at video game, then why we did not combine the board game value and the video game value?

Let’s imagine that when we play board game, we can see animation every times we make an action, we can explore extra contents about the item cards and we can upgrade the trading card game when we win the game with other player as easy as a card magically change and upgrade like we seen at animation television series. How cool is that!

The evolution just has started now, Play Station had developed augmented reality card integrated with QR code and ePawn make ePawn arena that bring back the ‘board’ of board game  in a digital board integrated with real sensor token.

  Brendan Satria Atmawidjaya


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