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Simplifying Work Management on Sharing Day


For this month’s Sharing Day, Eko and Augi shared 2 topics that can simplify team’s work management. Eko talked about creating a better rulebook using checklist and Augi talked about implementation of Kanban Board.

For the first session, Augi shared about how to visualizing work on Kanban Board. She gave example on how to use sticky notes as a reminder of their task and how the flow of Kanban Board will improve productivity.

Next, Eko shared his knowledge on improving rulebook. By using checklist, rulebook can be written in a better form and flow. It includes the summary of the game, visual aides, sentence fluency and exposition. He also gave some tips on writing rulebook, such as using short, simple and conversational sentences, using example to make rules clearer and always assume that the reader know nothing about the game.

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