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Positive, Negative and Objective

One of the most common and mainstream opinion about game is that it’s resulting in some negative effects for children.

Now, I understand that a lot of discussion have been done based on this premise, but sometimes we basically making it sounds too easy and shallow by saying that it’s true, some games do have negative effects on children, while that is simply not the case.

One thing that we all must realize is that children are not the only audiences of game. In fact most of the games (especially video games) made today are targeted on teenagers instead of children. So this is the most common misconception, that gaming is actually a media made specifically for children. The fact is, game have been made since the ancient times as a tool of philosophy, strategic planning and/or training of military and for many other reasons.

So if the game itself (assuming it does have a negative effect) wasn’t made for children, and if the developer and the publisher themselves specifically mentioned it in the rating system, then who’s to blame? Publisher and developer have taken blames for many times, while they are not the problem. It might be you and your objectivity are.

Rio Fredericco | @riocino


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