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Life is like a RPG : Choose Your Character

Life is like a RPG (Role Playing Game).  You choose your character, then you gain experience by defeat all the obstacles ahead. Then you can live happily by the time you mastered everything you learned depend on your character.

But remember the first you need to do is choose your character. In video game you can choose easily because you can just respawn or just reset the game or load from last check point or save point if something go wrong. In real life you have to make sure about what character you will choose. Because there is no respawn, there is no load from anywhere, there is no magic thing that will always give chances to fix the mistakes you made by ignoring the mistakes. There is only learn from the mistakes. The experience you can use to do better next time.

When you know what character you choose, then you have to focus to develop your character. In game if you choose to be a wizard, there is no way you pick a sword as your weapon of choice. You still can use a sword but you get no advantages by being a wizard. You should pick a magic staffs and learn magic spells, you have to mastered them so you will easily beat any kind of monsters in game.

In real life, if you know you love to cook but you choose to work in a bank because of what society said it is good. You will not use your basic skills as a cook.  In the time you have to retire from the bank, you feel no alive because you did not develop your basic skills as a cook, you do not manage your passion as something good that can make you happy. Like a wizard choose to be a swordman.

Windy Anandiha @winsoy

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By rio praditia - 29 December 2012 Reply

mungkin itu kenapa saya suka main RPG.. minimal saya bisa mengobati luka-luka hidup akibat salah pilih “karakter”. di RPG saya bisa berhasil.

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