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Game-Based Learning Talkshow at ITB


Kummara together with PPTIK ITB, MIT Education Arcade and Sekolah Gagas Ceria presented a talkshow about Game-Based Learning: Design and Implementation. The talkshow was open for public and held at ITB on December 23rd 2016. The speakers for the talkshow were Scot Osterweil (MIT Education Arcade), Eko Nugroho (CEO & Lead Game Designer KUMMARA), and Sekolah Gagas Ceria Bandung team.

First, Scot talked about some of his previous projects regarding game-based learning, such as Lure of the Labyrinth (online digital game about pre-algebra) and Vanished (alternate reality game about science). He emphasized that designing a game-based learning needs to implement a mystery factor, which players need to think that the game is hard (or challenging) but not that hard so they think they can finish it. The role of teacher is still important in order to build knowledge and create discussions between students.

The second session’s speaker was from Sekolah Gagas Ceria team. They shared their stories in implementing game to learning process. For example, domino tiles were used to learn fractions in math class, interactive quizzes were used to learn history and revamping the traditional snake and ladder to learn science. The team that consists of teacher also told the difficulties of applying game-based learning in classroom and some insights as well as ideas on improvement that can be made for a better classroom experience in using game.

To conclude the session, Eko talked about the future of game-based learning market in Indonesia. He added the potential of using game in school to fulfill the national curriculum. To all the participants, Eko encouraged them to create a holistic game to create an impactful learning experience in classroom that not only help student to learn, but also help teacher to teach better.

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