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Bring the Simulation to Life

Simulation to life

One of unique things that game offers to players is to be the true self, or completely another. We may often experience a shy person play as an ambitious player, timid person as aggressive person, or careful person who often play a risky game. It is because people tend to consider game as another world that is unreal, or to put it simply a simulation. And so, they consider playing game as a chance to explore new things as they face challenges.

It is true that in game, players need not to worry for doing mistakes – as they always have limitless chance. It then motivates them to do better and better, to go beyond the boundary. Unconservative improvement is the key in the process.

So how can this impact also implemented not only in games, but also in real life? Unfortunately, the most important factor in game is also the missing fator in real life, which is the limitless chance. It is, in my opinion, the most challenging task of game designers as to make serious game and gamification. Well, may be that is why it is called serious. Game designers have to find other factor(s) that compensates this missing factor, and it may be vary. One the easiest method to define this factor is to understand the characteristics of players.

Do you have any experience to solve this challenge? Or do you have another opinion on the matter? Please share your thought.

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By Lark - 30 August 2014 Reply

A simple and inllgeitent point, well made. Thanks!

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