Kummara game studio is the first game design/consultant company in Indonesia that focus on serious games design and create gamification concept for various activities. Our works have been used and implemented in many fields, such as: education, marketing, healthcare, research, and corporate learning.

In July 2009, Kummara was founded as a game design community. Soon it became a play space and a co-working place for all of those who are interested in game design process. Many people start to notice and realize that, with the right design, game has the capability to be a powerful media and deliver positive impacts for the society.

To see our summary profile: Kummara Company Profile 2018

 In May 2011 we decided to run Kummara professionally as a game design/consultant company. Supported with group of passionate people with diverse specialties: game design/development, game publishing, creative media development, and social research – we share same visions to bring positive impact for the society one game at a time.

Our services are delivered as end-to-end solution. It ranges from game design, development, game analysis, to the optimization of the gamification process. We deliver a unique game concept so that each game will become not only just a game, but also a creative media that has the capability to energize and give positive impacts. We design the gamification concept so that every playing activity will give not only just “fun”, but also provide the best learning experience.


eko 1 thumbnail
Eko believes that game is a powerful media that bring positive impact for the society. He also known by his capability of implementing game design in other field (gamification).

Eko Nugroho

Chief Executive Officer
Kanty is the co-founder of Kummara and also Happy Play, Kummara's special unit for social movement. She also the game designer of Kucing Sumput (digital board game)and Mash Up Monsters.

Kanty Kusmayanty

Chief Operating Officer
Brendan, the trendiest guy in the office, has joined Kummara since 2010 as artwork designer and now he is one of our Game Designer and Project Manager. He is one of the most well-known game designer in Indonesia through his works.

Brendan Satria Atmawidjaya

Game Designer/Project Manager
Rio was introduced to Kummara during his final year in college. And years later, he becomes our Project Manager and Game Designer also involved in most of Kummara's serious game and gamification project

Rio Fredericco

Game Designer/Project Manager
Andre known by his  wide connection in game and creative industry network in Indonesia. You can say that almost everyone who ever play board game in Indonesia know Andre.

Andre Muslim Dubari

Marketing Director
Joining Kummara in 2013 as artwork illustrator, now Eja is Kummara's Lead Illustrator. He is the man behind Mat Goceng's artwork characters and comic illustrations.

Rezza Rainaldy

Lead Illustrator
Isa is our Unit Manager and handling two units in Kummara, Manikmaya Games and BoardgameID. He is also the man behind "The Festivals of Indonesia", boardgame about festivals in Indonesia.

Isa Rachmad Akbar

Unit Manager
Augi is the newest member of Kummara team. As the Communication Manager of Kummara, she responsibles for all communication related to Kummara and all units.

Aughya Shandriasti

Communication Manager
Septian is the founder of Monkey Melody, Kummara's unit for game music and sound. He already worked with several game developer in Indonesia to create the music and sound.

Septian Pamungkas

Business Manager

Novieta Wibowo

Social Program Coordinator

Amalia Cindra

Media & Public Relation

Chotibul Umam

Media & Public Relation