Project Description

Designer: Rio Fredericco
Artist: Rio Fredericco

Mahardika is a co-operative historical board game focusing on the struggle for independence by Indonesia. The players cooperate as a team of up to seven historical national heroes and must establish a government while not failing to kick the Dutch military out from an occupying position throughout the country.

On a player’s turn, he receives a number of action points which he can either use to roll dice in order to achieve political/economic/military/social events, or he can move around the country in order to lead Indonesian Revolutionary Forces against the Dutch occupation.

When enough events are completed, then the Declaration of Independence will be proclaimed. If the players can refill the event queue again, they will form a National Congress and win the game. However, if they run out of events to draw, or the Dutch establish a large enough blockade of the archipelago, then all the players will have lost.

Status: Published 2014

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