Get Egg

Project Description

Design: Rio Fredericco
Artwork: Amanda Iswandari & Renzzelia Rosalinda

Meet HaPi, KuPi, JiPo and IPo! Help them find 10 eggs to make a strawberry cake. But be careful because there are cracked eggs and cannot be use to make cakes!

PiPoYa Get Egg card game includes 2 different games in 1 box:

  • Players will get points if they collect good eggs by matching 2 cards with total value of 10
  • HaPi, KuPi, JiPo and IPo throw the cracked and rotten eggs to each other! Players who are hit by rotten eggs are called “Si Bau” or the smelly one. Si Bau must throw the rotten eggs again so they won’t smell again, and the other must running away from Si Bau.

Get Egg card game published by Manikmaya Games with collaboration with Jotter Production (Bandung-based boutique style-Art Production service studio).

Status: Published 2016
Order: Manikmaya Games

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