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Project Description

Organizers: Kummara and Harian Kompas

Board Game Challenge is a board game design competition organized by Kummara and Harian Kompas to challenge creative people to create an Indonesian-themed boardgame. This event is created for the first time in 2015 and held in 5 different cities: Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta.

There are 3 different phase of Board Game Challenge. Phase I is a 3-days workshop to select representative games from each city, Phase II is an online lecture with Expert Team to create polished board game for Grand Final, and Phase III is the Grand Final to choose the winning board game. The winner of Board Game Challenge 2015 are:

  • 1st Winner: Waroong Wars (Surabaya)
  • 2nd Winner: Pagelaran Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta)
  • 3rd Winner: Jomblo (Bandung)
  • Most Favorite: Monas (Jakarta)
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